At the moment we’re not exactly hiring. But we never stop seeking aspiring, creative, sincere and (to be) genius developers, idea cultivators. We provide web services and develop products for other developers and site designers. We work in global scope and in professional mindset.

If you think you have enough urge to become a genius developer then why not drop us your CV and tell us anything interesting about yourself. Email us at info (at) with the subject line, “I am interested to work with Codeboxr.”

It is important that you mention the subject properly in your email so that we know you qualify as someone who can read and follow simple instructions. We are happy with both part-time and full-time candidates.

Don’t forget to include links to sites developed / contributed by you or any other interesting stuff (for example, design, projects). See you then!

Current Open Positions

  1. Software Engineer Level 1, Mar 2015(#php, #wordpress)
  2. Software Engineer Level 2, Mar 2015(#php, #wordpress #joomla)