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Are you aware of any world event, any war, any illegal occupation in the world that was stopped, changed, improved by SIGNING AN ONLINE PETITION? Why are so many adult and mature people still obsessed with signing petition? Can anyone help me understand this? As far as I am concerned, these signing help some interest groups to profile individuals who has provided opinions. There are sophisticated tools that can easily profile people based on their likes, signing up of petition on X Y Z issues. While you sign innocently for some bogus petition, your name, email, computer IP address is likely to be put into database and you and your family or loved ones may well be under surveillance and yes, stupid surveillance and illegal ones that has nothing to do with security, but everything to do about "control and robbing of freedom". Have you heard of the Anti-Christ? Dajjal? It's agents are obsessed with watching you and all of humanity with one eye, the external eye, the material eye, the outward only eye. It lacks insight, inner eye, spiritual vision, matter of the heart and spirit, it doesnt understand human values, peace, love, soul - nothing. All it understand is material possession, material comfort, greed, lust, hoarding, commercial profit, war, selfish gain even if that means at the expense of blood and innocent lives and so on and so forth (everything against the Christic values). May Allah save us from futile engagement, knowledge and action that does not benefit us and help us to obtain beneficial knowledge and engage in real work, both inner and outer. Ameen.
"To learn who rules over you, find out who you can't criticize." - Voltaire Watch it before it is deleted from Youtube. Who owns CNN and other media outlet and how they continue to deceive not only Americans but the entire humanity on this planet. This video reveals how the Zionist Matrix of Power controls Media, Politics and Banking and how each Part of this Tribalist matrix s...
Islam didn't come for the cantillation shows of the Qur'an or to get certificate for finishing religious seminary courses or to decorate your mosque with shiny tiles and air-conditioners - Islam came with a Message and that Message is the Qur'an and the Messenger Himself. Islam came so that you may know the Final Revelation to the Mankind which is to remain valid until the end of times, you may learn and gain knowledge of the Qur'an and by the Qur'an - the Last Testament and you may be guided by the Message and stay on course with the Message and the Way of the Messenger. This includes the kind of leader you choose and the kind of society you build and the kind of constitution and law you choose for yourself. If that has not happened, then either you are fooled by your so called certified "cattle" ulama (the so called religious scholars and priests) who have ears but can not hear, who have eyes but can not see and who have hearts but can not feel - they are worse than cattle even or you are fooling yourself. And in the End Time the worst people under the sky will be the ulama, as prophesied the Last Prophet because they will misguide people and hinder people from the Path. That is precisely why the first batch of people who will be questioned on the Day of Judgment by God Almighty will be the so called 'ulama' or religious priests who make a show and pretension of their service and knowledge and knowingly shake hand with the agents of deception and they themselves are also party of deceivers.
25 of History's Deadliest Dictators Most of these thugs and killers were extreme cases of Secularist who were divorced from any moral code or ethics and is a testimony to the world what happens when leaders divorce moral codes, ethics and divinely guided principles and makes their own desire for power as "god." “Have you seen him who takes his low desires for his god? ~ translation of The Quran 25:43 You will see some of such people about which Quran talks about who took their ego and desire as god, it is they who worshiped their evil desires for power, authority and control above all things and hence didn't blink to kill millions just to quench their thirst of desire and illusions.
From Adolf Hitler to Mao Zedong, these are 25 of history's deadliest dictators to ever walk the Earth and misuse their power.
The Messenger and the Last Prophet was sent among the Arabs, the Last Revelation was revealed in the language of the Arabs and yet when they got the chance, they turned their back on the Message of the Messenger by discarding the Moral Code and the Constitution (Quran) he brought and exchanged it with the Code of the British, the very imperial force which divided and conquered them and injected poison in them. Not a single country in Arab world has Quranic principle as their guiding principle, they understand the Quran plainly (unlike many other Muslim countries) and yet they fell for the man made law to replace Divinely revealed law. If the Arabs paid attention the would have read that Muslims are forbidden to accept any other sovreighty but the Sovreighty of God Alimight, if they paid attention they would read in the Quran that it asks them not to take ally those Christians and Jews who are ally to one another (the Zionist, a mysterious ally which destroyed western Christianity and destroyed all Christian values included the Divine Prohibition of Usury) and if they paid attention they would also read in the Quran that Allah warns that those who accept that Zionist alliance will be considered part of them. If they paid attention they would read that Islam is not about praying five times a day or visiting the grave but accepting the Message of the Messenger even in guidance of the society and international relationship. The arabs are prepared to be destroyed by false terrorist pretension that is sweeping from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, Palestine ... and more to come. Sadly thats the reality and price that Arabs will pay because of their discarding the message of the Messenger in wholesale version. Here is the News: The Prophet (s) did prophecised the destruction of the Arabs because they will follow the proverbial lizard whole. "You would tread the same path as was trodden by those before you inch by inch and step by step so much so that if they had entered into the hole of the lizard, you would follow them in this also. We said: Allah's Messenger, do you mean Jews and Christians (by your words)" those before you"? He said: Who else?" In Youtube look for "End of Time Destruction of Arabs" Here is one short video to shed light on this topic..
أتيت النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في غزوة تبوك ، وهو في قبة من أدم ، فقال : ( اعدد ستا بين يدي الساعة : موتي ، ثم فتح بيت المقدس ، ثم موتان يأخذ فيكم كقعاص الغنم...
Mr Netanyahu, may I have a word? You have been saying today that civilians in Gaza, to avoid the consequences of Israel's ground invasion and air bombardment, "should leave". Leave? Leave? Where the fuck do you suggest those terrorised people should go? The people of Gaza can't "leave", Mr Netanyahu, because you, and your backward, infantile, thuggish, thieving, racist state, cage them into the most densely populated scrap of land on earth, and won't let them in or out. You presume, smugly, a moral authority. But you have demonstrated again over the last few days that you have none. No morality whatsoever. And your authority is derived only from brute force - a military supremacy, of which you are so proud, but which you have achieved only by a long tradition of sponging off the United States. You cannot even stand on your own two feet. You are pathetic. While you bask in your self image as the strong man, you are nothing more than a cheap thug and a bully. Like all bullies, you are also a coward. And Israel is a moral disgrace. Shamelessly, and routinely, Israel plays the victim card, as an excuse for, and a decoy from, its daily victimisation, humiliation and persecution of an entire people. And, appallingly (and promiscuously), Israel deploys, yet abuses, the suffering and memory of Holocaust victims to confer on itself a spurious moral supremacy, and to justify these shameful inhumanities on others. Mr Netanyahu - you want to stop the rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel? Let me help you... Try applying a little imagination for once. Like not stealing the land and the nationality of these people. How about not caging them into the biggest concentration camp on earth? Don't deny them an economy, jobs, freedom of movement, their elected government, sufficient clean water, medical supplies, building materials, fuel, electricity, and other basic human dignities. And stop slaughtering their kids in cold blood. Then those "militants" and "terrorists" in Gaza would have no incentive to lob missiles into your stolen fools' paradise. (A note on your fondness for identifying as "terrorists" all those who disagree with you, and have the courage to stand up to you - If any country was born out of terrorism, it was certainly Israel). Finally, Mr Netanyahu - No, I am not anti Jewish. Far from it. I am not even anti Israel. But I am anti injustice and anti inhumanity. It is time you - and Israel - grew up.
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Top 5 Advantages of Responsive Web Page Design
There is NO doubt that Responsive Web Design is very important for today's webdesign point of view. Smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly
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Standalone Like System for #Joomla
 Have an Independent Like Button with Counter to Measure Popularity of Content
Popup Module position plugin for #joomla

Auto load or on page scroll, use any module(multiple , using ids or module position) to show in the popup, auto close features, uses twitter bootsrap style for popup

btw, it's responsive popup 
Super Attractive way to show the Any Items in popup module position for your Joomla site. Make your site user friendly and show any items in
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Facebook has announced a plan to revamp the look of Timelines on its Pages, moving to a one-column design more similar to the Timelines on individual profiles.

Twitter has a nice option to embed a single tweet in web site using shortcode or adding direct html codes. We just made this very easy for Joomla! Users using our own shortcode method with lots of option.

All-in-One Linkedin widgets is a bundle Linkedin plugins as Joomla module

Using Shortcode Show you Linkedin Profile and Company Page Inside Your Joomla Site

Easy Admin Notice is a light-weight Joomla plugin to show notice to user both on front end and admin area. The notices will be styled with your template notice or error reporting style.

A Super Way to Show Your Google Plus Profile & Pages Updates Inside Module Position, Smart and Fast.

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