Fixed Float Scrolling – Scroll Spy Plugin for Joomla


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Anything Scroll Spy is a light system type plugin for Joomla that will help you position sticky/fixed any html element (div, p etc ) while scrolling. It can spy on any element via class name or id.

This Joomla Spy plugin is developed using the great mootools script Scroll spy.

Note: You must have mootools 1.2 or above. For Joomla 1.5 activate the mootools upgrade system plugin






Basic Setting

  • Disable on popup
  • Disable on RSS
  • Disable on Ajax Request
  • Item id filter(skip or allow)
  • Item id filter type (Allow or disallow selection)
  • Skip for Home page

Spy Setting

  • Enable/disable for ids
  • Enable/disable for class names
  • Multiple id with comma
  • Multiple class name with comma








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