Fixed Vertical QR Code Display for Joomla


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Fixed Vertical QR Code display is a system plugin with delivers QR Codes in a slide-able panel in vertical position of website. This plugin can deliver QR Codes in two format, vCard and plain text, configurable from plugin manager. Now a days, QR Codes are very popular with smartphones. It is a very easy way to transmit digital data to a smartphone without the burden of typing those all out.

QR code can be very efficient at times when people dont have the time to note down a very long URL or quickly wish to take your company information, opening hours, Geo location etc. Our Fixed Vertical QR Code Display for Joomla is a neat and compact Joomla plugin which will enable you display your own QR code at a customizable location.

Fixed Vertical QR Code uses independent libraries with precise results instead of any third party API services, which gives it independence and a safe cushion from the unavailability of third party API support at any point of time or any particular GEO location. Fixed Vertical QR Code also uses an unique image generation technique and built-in old and useless image pruning mechanism what ensure of optimal processing power and disk usages of the server. So it will not put any extra pressure on server.


 Basic Features:

• Enable/Disable on Popup windows

• Enable/Disable for RSS

• Enable/Disable for Ajax

• Skip/show in Homepage

• Itemid filter with included only/exclude only options

• Enable/Disable for Mobile devices (small screen)


Style Related Features:

• Auto and Manual box sizing mode

• Vertical positioning control of press button

• Custom image support for trigger image

• Slide in, slide out animation: on hover / on click


QR Code Related Features:

• QR Code generation with independent library

• Option to set Error Correction Levels

• Output format vCard and Plain text






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