Change Joomla Login Page & Dashboard Style

CBX Admin Branding Allows You to Easily Customize all the Default Style of Joomla Admin Section and Login Screen. Add your own Logo, Custom Backgrounds and unlimited color scheme and more. Smart, Quick and Easy to Use.

JED Listing Download Version 1.4 GPLv2 or later

Some Key Features

  • Align the login box left, right, center(From V1.4)
  • Change the login logo.
  • Change the login background Color.
  • Change the login background Image.
  • Background image alignment.
  • Background image repeat options.
  • Fully change the look of the login screen.
  • Hide or show joomla icon.
  • Show or hide dashboard icon.
  • Show or hide footer section.
  • Show/hide the footer status toolbar(From V1.4)
  • Add Login box background image.
  • Change the login box background color
  • Change the Login box border color
  • Change all Properties of Login button.
  • Change background color of admin section.
  • Custom and flexible admin logo.
  • Change admin logo alignment.
  • Change Quick links background color.
  • Add custom footer text.

CBX Admin Branding Features List Joomla 3.x

Admin pages

	   Body background color
	   Body background custom image
	   Background image repeat
	   Hide admin logo
	   Custom admin logo
	   Custom logo width
	   Custom logo height
	   Admin logo align
	   Hide dashboard icon
	   Replace dashboard icon
	   Enable quick links background color
	   Quick links  background color
	   Hide footer
	   Footer background color
	   Footer text color

Login Box Style

	       Show login logo
	       Custom login logo
	       Login logo alignment
	       Rounded Login Logo
	       Login logo radius
	       Login Box background image
	       Login box background color
	       Login box border color
	       Login button color
	       Login button background color
	       Login Button gradient second color



Login Page Style

	Background color
	Background image
	Background image alignment
	Background repeat
	Hide joomla icon


Buy & Download

CBX Admin Branding V1.4 for Joomla 3.x

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How to Install

  • Step1. Download the plugin.
  • Step2. Login your Joomla Dashboard.
  • Step3. In the top menu, find the Manage button under Extension Menu and click
  • Step4. Under Upload Package Manager, click Browse and find the plugin you downloaded to your computer. After clicking on the plugin name, click Open, and then click Upload & Install.
  • Step5. In the top menu, hover over Extensions and click .
  • Step6. On the Plugins page, find your plugin and set Status to Enabled.
  • Step6. Now configure any of the other settings available with the plugin, and then click Save & Enjoy your Admin Branding.

Support Policy

Support is very straight forward: One year support for one domain. 1 purchase = 1 year X(X =1,2,5 as you purchase) domain support. Subdomain will be counted as another domain. For testing development domain or site can be used and will not be counted as different domain. In bold, we count, installation – One support purchase = One installation in any live or intra-net site.

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