Dribbble Shots Flyout Joomla Plugin

Attractively Show Various Dribbble Shots On Joomla Site. Smart and Fast

dribbble_shots_flyout A smart module to display Dribbble shorts within joomla site. Create user experience just like Dribble environment with super flexible customization.

View Live Demo JED Approved Version 1.6 Joomla 1.5, 2.5 & 3 compatible

Awesome Features

Displays Dribbble Shots from Dribbble profile

  Flyout control Options

 Full Control to Style-Match with Your Joomla Site

Packed With Full Customization Options

Works with any Joomla Templates

Styling Option

Flyout style (fade in/out, slide in/out)

 Custom Vertical Placement

 Gradient style options

 Choose color (with color picker) for preview background and border

 Large thumbnail photo preview on mouse hover

Box Styling

 Backgound Color of Mainbox

 Backgound Color of Tooltip

 Border Color of Tooltip


Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

1.  Put your Dribbble User Name

2.  Select Shots Type

3.  Save and Enjoy

Play with the available options related to styling and design

Available Options

Basic Configuration

 Skip Home page Yes/No

Menu ID Filter

 Disable If Offline

Remove On Popup Yes/No

Remove From RSS Yes/No

Remove From Ajax Yes/No

In Mobile devices Yes/No


FLyout Box Setting

 Flyout Box Heading

 Flyout Style

 Remember Close Flyoutbox Yes/No

 Round Corner

 Round Corner Radius

 Background & Border Color

 Gradient Start & End Color


Dribbble Shots Setting

 Select Shots Type

Dribbble User Name

Open Image in

Shots Preview On Mouse Over

Shots Count

Size Of Thumb (in px)

Width Of Popup Shots (in px)

No. Of Thumbs In a Row


Screenshots for Joomla 2.5



Buy & Download

  Dribbble Shots Flyout Joomla Plugin 1.6 for Joomla2.5

USD 15.00 / Download

  Dribbble Shots Flyout Joomla Plugin 1.6 for Joomla3.0

USD 15.00 / Download

Version 1.6 Joomla 1.5, 2.5 & 3 compatible GPL2 License

Download link will be e-mailed automatically to your paypal id after payment is done. You may download it for a maximum of 5 times from the link and may use is for unrestricted domains.
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