Custom Twitter Fanbox for #joomla

productphoto A smart way to proudly display your fans/followers of Twitter, This is an excellent, lightweight and easy to use Module which is packed with full customization. Fully compatible with any standard browsers.

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Awesome Features

  • Displays Your Twitter Fans & Followers.
  • Shows Updates Almost Instantaneously in Real Time.
  • Full Control to Style-Match with Your Joomla Site.
  • Packed With Full Customization Options.
  • Works with any Joomla Templates.

Basic Configuration

  • Box Width.
  • Twitter User Name.
  • Twitter Profile Link with Display Name.
  • Advance caching (using safeurl method for joomla 16-2.5)


  • Show/Hide stream.
  • Number of Status to Show.
  • Show/Hide Time.
  • Twitter Linkify.

Fans or Followers

  • Show/Hide follower/Fanbox sections.
  • Number of fans to show.
  • Each fan profile is linked as their twitter profile.
  • Twitter Linkify.
  • Grid based follower presentation for auto adjust.

Header Style

  • Twitter Profile picture.
  • Twitter Display name.
  • Twitter Profile Link with Display Name.
  • Follow Button
  • Show/Hide the Total Header Section


  • Follow Button Using Javascript or iframe
  • Options has Show/Hide or Yes/No Support for Total Control
  • Custom and Advance Scrollbar
  • Advanced Caching


Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • Install the package, it will install an auth component and module. Check the module setting
  • To make the module work please create twitter app and put api key and secret and save the module. Then connect with twitter from module setting. To create twitter app please follow this instruction.
  • Connect with twitter, set twitter username, publish in frontend.
  • Play with the available options related to styling and design.

Buy & Download

CBX Twitter Fanbox V3.5 for Joomla 3.x

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Support Policy

Download link will be e-mailed automatically to your paypal id after payment is done. You may download it for a maximum of 12 times for one year(365 days) from the link and may use is for unrestricted domains but support will be given for one year(365) for one domain.