Fixed Vertical Feedback Button for Drupal

A Must Have Feedback Button for Smart User. Easy to Use and Super Customizable

fixed-vertical-drupal2In many sites there is a vertical feedback button in left or right side of a site and in middle position. So, this useful module will make life easy for those who can not or do not want to modify template (to avoid undesired problems). Saves tons of coding and tweaking time for developers.

View Live Demo Version 1.0

Awesome Features

Displays the Feedback Button Left or Right Side of Drupal Site

Pixel Perfect Positioning

Full Control to Style-match with Your Drupal site

Style Options

Custom settings page for the plugin

Pop up color picker from plugin setting page

Show/hide the button even the plugin in active mode

Custom image url, image height, image width


Preview from admin panel

Open link – Normal, New window and Native Popup window

Popup Window Custom Height, Custom Width

Disable Button on Popup Window



Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Install the Plugin in Your Site

2. Select Style and Position

3. Save and enjoy


Available Options



Disable On Mobile

Link URL

Link Target

Hide On Home Page Yes/No

Menu Filter

Show Bar On Specific Pages


Button Setting

Choose Button

Custom Image URL

Custom Image Width

Custom Image Height

Custom Horizontal and vertical Position

Transparent Background Yes/No

Custom Background

Custom Hover color

Round Corner Yes/No



Buy & Download

  Fixed Vertical Feedback Button V1.0 for Drupal 6

USD 15.00 / Download

  Fixed Vertical Feedback Button V1.0 for Drupal 7

USD 15.00 / Download

  Fixed Vertical Feedback Button V1.0 for Drupal 6 ,7 Bundle

USD 24.00 / Download


Download link will be e-mailed automatically to your paypal id after payment is done. You may download it for a maximum of 5 times from the link and may use is for unrestricted domains.
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