Linkedin Resume & Full Profile Display for Joomla

Display Linkedin Full Profile as Resume Within Joomla with Super Ease

linkedin-full-profile-compUsing this Component you can show your Linkedin resume with different styles. Very flexible and multiple options to export or share resume such as Email, Print and PDF Export. Works for both for Admin and FrontEnd Users.

JED Approved Version 3.1

Awesome Features

Admin user(s) can create resume from admin panel menu setting

Ability to create own resume from front-end by users

Supports hresume format

Uses Linkedin Connect Oauth API

Responsive Design

Four Styles

Simple & Clean




Resume Settings

Print and Email Resume

Flexibility to Turn on/off Any Sections of Resume

Resume Export as PDF

Toggle View for Profile


Video Demo





How to Install

  • Install the prerequisite component Codeboxr Social Oauthentication Component v1.0 for J2.5
  • Download and install the “Linkedin Resume & Full Profile Display” component.
  • Go to menu manager and click new.
  • There are two ways/views to create menu
    Select Menu

    Select Menu

    • Resume for Site Admin
    • Resume for per user Frontend
  • If you choose “Resume for Site Admin” then this will give you total options in menu setting to create the resume for admin user/site owner. Give a name and save the menu once and then click “Linkedin Connect”, allow linkedin and this will back you to the menu setting again. Now choose the options and save. It’s ready for dinner now.
  • Another view “Resume for per user Frontend” is the way when you want to give option to your site visitor to create their own resume using linkedin. Give name and save, most of settings for this menu are in front end.
  • Enjoy showing your Linkedin resume in your joomla site.

Easy to Setup

1. Read the Section How to Install Section

2. Authenticate Linkedin Profile

3. Choose your settings

Play with tons of other options related to display and styling

Available Options


Common Features

Show Profile Yes/No

Uses linkedin Connect Oauth API

Use of hResume Format (where possible)

Print Resume

Email Resume to a Friend using Joomla core email functions

Save as PDF using service


Two Way to Display Resume

Llinkedin Full Profile display in Joomla can be achieved in two ways with this component:

Resume of Site admin – shown in front end, setting at menu setting

Resume for per/any user- shown in front end, partial setting at menu and most of setting is at front end


Resume Section Customization

Profile Summary (Show Yes/No)

Experiences (Show Yes/No)



Educations & Honors

Volunteer Works & Interests


Associations & Recommendations



Priority and Order Setting of Resume Sections


4 Pre-Built Styles

Simple & Clean

Accordian based on Simple and Clean






Buy & Download


  Codeboxr Social Oauthentication Component v2.0 for J2.5.x
Free Download Now


  Linkedin Resume & Full Profile Display v3.1 for Joomla2.5.x

USD 30.00 / Download

Version 2.0 Joomla 2.5 compatible GPL2 License

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