Harness the Power of Social Sharing

productphoto Social Share/Vote Button is a popular Joomla plugin that shows social share or vote button in articles / content. It contains all popular social networks or share/bookmark sites that supports button/badge for vote/share.

Demo Download JED Listing Version 13.00

Awesome Features

  • Easy to engage visitors with the Social Network of your choice
  • Visible across the site with filtering option
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Life-Time Free Upgrade with New Social Media Buttons

Style & Positioning

  • Float Flexibility: Left/Right
  • Customize Margin
  • Javascript based Color Chooser for Floating Background to Design match
  • Custom Button Positioning: Before/After Article, Left/Right Aligned

Available Component

  • Supports upto 7 Top Components
  • Most Popular Components such as: Com_Content, Com_K2, Com_Zoo
  • Supports Ecommerce Components such as: Com_Virtuemart, Com_Jshopping, Com_Hikashop
  • Supports other Components such as Com_Djcatalog2, Com_Eventlist, Com_Quickfaq, Com_Flexicontent, Com_Lyftenbloggie, Com_Myblog, Com_Magent Component

Video Demo

All Possible Presentation

Available Options

  • Basic Configuration
  • Encode Link
  • Encode Title
  • Remove On Popup
  • Remove form RSS
  • Remove form Ajax
  • Skip Home Page
  • Item ID Filter
  • Skip Itemids
  • Supported Social Network
  • Facebook, Fbshare.me(Alternative for facebook share).
  • Twiter, Topsy (Alternative for twitter share).
  • Tweetmeme (Alternative for twitter share)
  • Digg, Delicious, Stumble, Google Buzz
  • Yahoo Buzz, Dzone, Facebook Like
  • Flattr, Reddit, linkedin.
  • Floation Configuration
  • Float For All Enable/Disable
  • Float Box Background Color
  • Float Border Color
  • Wrapper ID Name
  • Button Control
  • Control Each button’s visibility(Show/Hide)
  • Exclude for specific section
  • Exclude for specific category
  • Exclude for specific menu id
  • Show/Hide on front page
  • Sort button as weight
  • There are options to show before content, after content,
    left float, right float
  • Again, there are options to show/hide button for home
    page/front page, category view, section view or for any specific category whatever you need.
  • Supported Component
  • Content (com_content)
  • K2(com_k2)
  • Flexi Content(Com_flexicontent)
  • Quickfaq (com_quickfaq)
  • Eventlist(com_eventlist)
  • Virtuemart(com_virtuemart)
  • Djcatalog2(com_djcatalog2)
  • Facebook Language list
  • English (US) – en_US
  • Spanish – es_LA
  • French (France) – fr_FR
  • Italian – it_IT
  • Polish – pl_PL
  • For More Information Visit Here

Buy & Download

Social Share and Vote Button Content Plugin for joomla V13.00 J3.x

Single Site Support License:

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Two Site Support License:

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Five Site Support License:

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Demo Version 13.00 GPLv2 or later

Support Policy

Support is very straight forward: One year support for one domain. You can
use for any number of websites as you want, but one purchase = one year one domain support.

How to add Floating Toolbar

Yes Social share and vote button plugin now provides option to show the social button as floating toolbar.
All options are too much flexible and you can set as you need.
Please note that floating toolbar is for advance users, good for Web developer and Designers to set up the
things quickly but flexibility is always with you

Here are two easy steps:
1. Enable floating from every where in the plugin setting, Global Floating, Floating for Specific component
and then enable floating for specific social buttons as need
2. Find any div tag id nearest of the article , here we mean the html div id that is the nearest of the
middle article display section. In the floating section add the div id name as wrapper . The floating social
share toolbar will be fixed floating left or right related to that wrapper div. Using firebug or view source
it will be easy find the nearest wrapper div id. If you need help to find the wrapper div contact us , we
will check your site and help.

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