JomSocial Addons

Dribbble Shots Display Addon for JomSocial


Freedom to Display Dribbble Shots inside Your Site For JomSocial A Perfect JomSocial Add On for Dribbble Shots Which will empower the users to display the Dibbble shots of their choice easily on their site. Awesome Features Display Dribble ShotsDownloadDemoedit

Twitter updates for Jomsocial (Extended)

Twitter Update for JomSocial

Display Your Twitter Update inside Joomla Site for Jomsocial Twitter Updates for Jomsocial (extended) as named “CBTwitter” is an extension version of Jomsocial twitter update plugin (plugin type:community). We developed this plugin with the help of core twitter update pluginDownloadDemoedit

Linkedin Updates for Jomsocial


Display Your Linkedin Updates in Jomsocial. Smart and Fast How to show Linkedin Updates within JomSocial, the most popular Community Component of Joomla? Our Linkedin Updates for JomSocial JomSocial Addon is geared to fulfill this need, using which you canDownloadDemoedit

Instagram Photo Display for JomSocial


Display Your Instagram Photos Inside Your Site For JomSocial  Do you want to show photos taken by Instagram on JomSocial? Our Instagram Photo Display for JomSocial is a addon that displays photos from your Instagram on thumbnail and upon mouseDownloadDemoedit

Video Channel for JomSocial


Freedom to Your Video Channel inside Your Site For JomSocial  My Video Channel is a JomSocial plugin that enables a user to showcase their video of Youtube or Vimeo in their profile page. This plugin can grab videos from YoutubeDownloadDemoedit

Google Plus Activity Widget for JomSocial

Google+ Activity Widget for JomSocial

A Smart Add On to Show Google Plus Activity For JomSocial A Perfect JomSocial Add On for those who wish to give the users ability to show their Google Plus activities on JomSocial, either on the profile wall or onDownloadDemoedit

Pinterest Pin Display Widget for JomSocial


Freedom to Display Your Pinterest Pins inside Your Site For JomSocial  Pinterest Pin Display for Jomsocial is the most wanted application for Jomsocial that our customer was asking for long time. With this now you can proudly display your PinterestDownloadDemoedit

My Social Timeline | Joomla Component & Modules


Give Your Visitors all Social Media Updates Without Leaving Your Joomla Site An unique Joomla Component which show latest updates from all major social networks in Facebook like timeline fashion (and other layout and styles). Whichever is your social networkDownloadDemoedit