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Flexible And Responsive Linkedin Update Display Module for Joomla


A Futuristic Linkedin Display within Joomla. Flexible, Responsive and Easy to Use All your linkedin personal account or company page’s update inside module position on your joomla site. Simply give your Linkedin account’s ID, select style and enjoy. Saves yourDownloadDemoedit

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Responsive Yahoo Style Featured Article News Slider


A Stylish & Friendly to Use Featured Article Slider that Allows Full Customization A slider that feature specific articles to show as News Slider. It adjusts fully according to available module space and ideal to display latest articles as news,DownloadDemoedit

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Radial (Path Like) Social Share Button for Joomla


Attractive Social Buttons to Increase Visitor Engagement and Spread through Social Power Making your Joomla site Social Share friendly has never been so important. Shows all favorite Social Share Buttons very compactly with Path Like intuitive and attractive interface. LovelyDownloadDemoedit

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Show Next Previous Article Plugin for Joomla


Improve Your User’s Experience by Giving Easy Navigation For Site Content in Joomla Looking for a Joomla plugin that will enable your readers to go to next or previous articles without any complication, but with a single button click? LookDownloadDemoedit

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Universal Currency Converter and Live Exchange Rate Display Module for Joomla


Convert any Currency with Live Exchange Rate Inside Module Position. Useful and Smart. Universal Currency Converter and Rate Display is capable to calculate and display current exchange rates inside a Joomla Module. It has four display layouts. The source of Exchange Rates is Google Finance and shows you live exchange rate of the day. Supports almost all global currency and display upto 10 currencies simultaneously in Module area. DownloadDemoedit

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Dropbox File Chooser for Joomla Editor


Bring the Entire Dropbox at Your Mouse Tip at Any Joomla Editor A great tool to use Dropbox as Media File Manager for Joomla. If you’re a Dropbox user and at the same time Joomla enthusiast with this Editor PluginDownloadDemoedit

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Standalone Like System for Joomla


Have an Independent Like Button with Counter to Measure Popularity of Content Standalone Like System is an excellent 3-in-one (Component, Plugin and Module) bundle extension that is very simple to implement and easy to use. This will allow you toDownloadDemoedit

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Flexible And Responsive Tweet Display Module for Joomla


A Futuristic Twitter Display within Joomla. Flexible, Responsible and Easy to Use All your twitter personal account or company page’s update inside module position on your joomla site. Simply give your twitter account’s ID, select style and enjoy. Saves youDownloadDemoedit

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Responsive Facebook Profile Stream Module for Joomla


Smartly Stream Your Favorite Facebook Page Updates Inside Your Joomla Site. Simple & Fast A smart module to display Status and Share from Facebook Profile as stream. After authentication, simply give your Facebook username, select style from built-in styles andDownloadDemoedit

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