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Joomla Quick Publish Admin Module


Quick Publish Admin Module for Joomla Backend Joomla Quick Publish Admin Module is a admin side module for joomla developed for j3.1+. The best use of this module is to publish in cpanel position in admin template. It will helpDownloadedit

Foursquare Checkin History Timeline module for Joomla


Responsive Foursquare Checkin History Timeline within Joomla All your Foursqure Checkin History update inside module position. Show your checkins, venus informations with a smart summary of your foursquare profile. Awesome Features Uses Foursquare Connect oAuth2.0 Can Show Checkin Histroy withDownloadDemoedit

Flexible And Responsive Linkedin Update Display Module for Joomla


A Futuristic Linkedin Display within Joomla. Flexible, Responsive and Easy to Use All your linkedin personal account or company page’s update inside module position on your joomla site. Simply give your Linkedin account’s ID, select style and enjoy. Saves yourDownloadDemoedit

Standalone Like System for Joomla


Have an Independent Like Button with Counter to Measure Popularity of Content Standalone Like System is an excellent 3-in-one (Component, Plugin and Module) bundle extension that is very simple to implement and easy to use. This will allow you toDownloadDemoedit

Fixed Vertical Modules Position for Joomla


Freedom to Position Any Module Anywhere A simple and neat plugin to load vertical button by module id(s) and module position(s). Very flexible and maximum options to customize. Awesome Features Show Any Module Save up to 3 Button Configurations PixelDownloadDemoedit

Frontpage Reloaded – Multi Purpose Article Presentation Module for Joomla


An Excellent Way to Display your Articles on Frontpage or elsewhere. Flexible, Responsive and Easy All your articles you can show with Frontpage Reloader, very easy to manage and radically re-organize and re-present. Simply configure it from the module manager,DownloadDemoedit

Instagram Photo Display Module for Joomla


Display Your Instagram Photos in Module Position. Smart and Simple. A smart module to display Instagram photos from your Instagrm profile, You Provide the RSS link and see the juicy large preview while mouse over the thumbnail of your photosDownloadDemoedit

Social Crowd Flyout Box Plugin for Joomla


A Fantastic Product Which show Your social followers or likes. Smart and Attractive A Supper Way to proudly display your Followers & Likes from your favorite social networks, This is an excellent, lightweight and easy to use Plugin which isDownloadDemoedit

Linkedin Jobs for Company Module for Joomla


Display Linkedin Job updates Inside Your Joomla Site. Flexible & Easy A smart and intuitive module to show job Opportunities from Linkedin Jobs for any company. Simply give your company’s Linkedin ID, Select module position and enjoy. Bring the powerDownloadDemoedit