We offer a number of inter-related web services such as web design, development, deployment, security upgrade and web maintenance, custom plugin, module and component development, web application building, Google Analytics and Google Adwords monitoring. Since we are a global outsourcing company operating out of south-Asia, we can afford to provide professional service at very reasonable cost.

Average cost for our web services is very affordable. Our solutions are cost effective, easy to maintain, and great for search engine visibility.

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Website Design & Development

We are Content Management System (CMS) expert and have proven track record of developing tools for industry standard CMSs. You can rely on our expertise to develop and design website you need. Since we work with inner workings of CMS, we know exactly how to arrive at the most appropriate website for you.

Codeboxr has in-house skilled team to offer different areas of your web design including: web graphic design, interface design, authoring: including industry standard coding and implementation of necessary tools and search engine optimization.

We are not an average Web Design company. That’s why we give emphasis on quality of code, factors instrumental for efficient site loading and validation. A cleanly coded site goes a long way in not only giving every visitor a very good web experience but also when the site become complex and large, it ensures that your site does not get sluggish.

We also place importance on UX (user experience) design. UX has become a very important area since a user must understand intuitively how the website works. This require user friendly design, navigation, labeling, presentation etc. so that the interaction with the site is organic. [Read More]

Website Modification & Maintenance

Once your website is up and running, time to time it requires certain maintenance such as modification, edits, new requirement to be built into the site, making it future ready etc. Also we offer regular backup and restoration services with very reasonable cost.

In the event of hacking, virus attack on server, if your site is maintained by us, we would keep backup on regular basis and your site can be up in no delay. Feel free to contact us to get free cost estimate for maintenance service.

CMS based Site Migration and Security Upgrade

If you have a site running on outdated CMS version such as Joomla! 1.x then your website and valuable data on it’s server are in great security risk. Hackers and malwares love to exploit security holes in older CMS. We at Codeboxr offer CMS migration services at reasonable cost which is a popular service among our clients. [Read more]

Joomla! Plugin, Module and Component Development

We have more than 100 extensions approved in official Joomla extension directory, which makes us one of the leading Joomla extension developer in the world. We are expert in developing system plugins, module and components. [Click here to learn about our Joomla Extension Services]

Social Media & Marketing

Social media is our playground. Since we develop our extensions for social media, we understand its power and how to harness it for business. If your business need any social media solutions such as how to engage with social media, how to increase our reach and interaction, we may help formulate your plan, strategy and may also develop the required tools to expand your reach. [Learn more]

Search Engine Optimization

Many companies and firms now a days offer Search Engine Optimization service, otherwise known as SEO. We stand out from them because of our effective service combined with competitive pricing. We only charge for the hours we spent on your site. Our on-site SEO service begins from the bottom by integrating SEO options inside the first layer of framework of CMS or Content Management System. We also do effective and legit off-site SEO.

We also remain updated about the state of the art changes which search engine giant like Google have been making constantly so that our SEO service remains the most effective and save your site from being punished by search engines. We work with clients across the globe. Our clients rank #1 in Google for their desired keywords and we can try make yours as well.

[Read more about our cost effective SEO services]

Google Analytics Management

Google Analytics can offer unparalleled business intelligence and may tell you where is your business potential and what you must improve. Google analytics also keep track of every click, may tell you which page or product is most popular and what is the conversion rate of your website. We have track record of working with Google Analytics for our overseas clients. Contact us to let us know what you need and how we may help.

Google Adwords Management

At Codeboxr we provide Google Adwords campaign management service. We aim to achieve exceptional results through our targeted campaigns that drive qualified traffic to your company immediately. Codeboxr partners with you to analyze your company and the types of products or services you sell, define your pay per click management objectives, and research your competitors and your particular industry trends. Once our project scope is established, we then build a comprehensive PPC advertising campaign that addresses your company’s specific goals and budget, whether it’s targeting local customers or launching a global brand. [Read more]

News Portal

We have worked on developing News Portals in the past. If you need to develop News Portal based on Joomla or WordPress, we are eager to help.

E-commerce Solution

In utilize the opportunity of the digital economy, e-commerce readiness is a must. If you have a product or service that you offer, you may want to have a e-commerce site through which you may sell them and monetize your product/services. Do send us your requirements and we will give you a free estimate.

Custom Web Application Development

We have the right expertise to develop custom web application. No matter how complex your requirements may be, we are happy to utilize our brain and coding skill to give you the right solution in fastest development time and on competitive budget. Fill up the form below and send us for free estimate of your project.

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