Sabuj Kundu 1st Jan 2014

We find lot of CMS (content management system) in the web today. Some of them are free to use and others we have to pay. Creating a website in 2013 was all about using a Content Management System (CMS). Content management system is a software which helps you to keep track on each and every part of your web application or website. Lets talk about best 5 CMS of 2013

1. WordPress


It will be hard to find anyone that disagrees with WordPress being the number content management system for 2013. Once considered a CMS purely for blogs, WordPress now powers a whole host of mainstream websites, and does a great job at it too!

The free and open source CMS has more themes than you could ever wish for and thousands of plugins and widgets that can extend functionality. These themes and plugins can transform a basic blog into a deep ecommerce site or fully-fledged social network. And you don’t need to worry about becoming running into trouble with WordPress; the community is huge and there are countless tutorials available to help with every aspect of design and development.

For users looking to create a blog, there is hosted, although functionality is limited in comparison to the CMS.

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2. Joomla


Joomla is the most famous content managment system in the world. it’s very easy to use and user friendllyness is very good. using joomla you can create any type of website. it has thousend of Extensions and themes. joomla has a very large community as well so you can have a help from the community all the time. Today many web hosting provides gives one click installation option for joomla.

Some people may find Joomla! to be a bit much for simple sites and there is a lack of top class themes in comparison to others, but the massive number of extensions and active community make up for any flaws. The functionality of Joomla! can easily be extended without the need for coding, and user authentication can be done with Google and OpenID, as well as a number of others.

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3. Drupal


Druapl also trusted by millions of website developers. using Drupal you can develop any time of website such as personal blog to enterprise level application. you can find thousand of widgets themes and other addons for Drupal. Drupal has very nice database management system as well. Most of the web hosting services provide easy installation of Drupal.

The functionality and customization possibilities of Drupal are excellent, and there are well over 6000 add-ons to make it easy to do just about anything you want to your site. This will give you more time to focus on the actual design and content of the site – something which is essential to beginner and intermediate users.

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4. Frog CMS


Frog CMS is very simple content management system. its very light weight, simple design, fast loading. Frog CMS has very flexible template system and simple user management system with permissions. Frog Content management system was born as phpRadiant in 2007. Frog Content management system is php version of well known Ruby on Rails Radiant content management system. this CMS is good for simple website developments.

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5. Cushy CMS


Cushy CMS is light weight content management system. which is fast, simple and free. Cushy CMS content management system that aims to make life easier for web designers by simplifying content management. Also it allow clients to safely edit website content and developing side can define exactly which parts of the page can be changed. This content management systems is supper user friendly no programming knowledge required and no client training required.

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