Welcome to documentation for CBX Secured Contact Form for Joomla. Here will show the basic and advance usages of this module

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  1. Installation & Basic Setup
  2. Email Template Setup
  3. reCaptcha Configuration
  4. Slack configuration
  5. Trello Configuration
  6. Mailchimp Configuration

Installation & Basic Setup

As this extension is a module and distributed as a joomla module package, you can just download this as zip, install form the joomla extension manager. Go to module manager, search or find “CBX Secured Contact Form”, check all the setting and publish the module in a module position. See the preview in frontend and test.

Email Template Setup

Email Template has 3 settings “General Settings” , “Amin Email Alert” and “Guest Email Alert”, last two is for template and first one is for the basic setting. We already provided the necessary data.

Email Subject and Email heading can parse syntax like
{name} to replace as guest name
{date} as the form submition date time
{site} site name

Email body template can parse the above 3 with extra

{details} which actually replaced as all the fields filled in the form.

reCaptcha Configuration

For google reCaptcha we need 2 things, client id and secret. Go to google reCaptcha site. Register a new site and you will the new site in the list, click any site from the list you will find the option for keys, click it, copy the client key and secret key. You are done.

Slack configuration

For Slack integration you need a service url, username, channel name and icon/emoji. We already have a step by step documentation for this which we created for our slack plugin for wordpress.

Channel url: see above
Username: Put any thing or your username
Channel: your desired channel with #, exmaple #general
Emoji: you can use any one from here to test

Trello Configuration

For Trello integration you need Api Key, Token and List id. The way the trello integration works for CBX Secured Contact Form is after submit the form all the form fields data is added to a trello board in list as card. so at first decide which board you want to use, create one or use one already created, go to that board, then create list or choose one already created.

Trello config for CBX Contact Form

Go to trello developer portal. Login if you are not logged in, Click menu Sandbox from top menu bar. Now you will see a link says “Grab your Api key here“. On that page you will see api key and next thing you need is api token. if you read the first paragraph then it says something like the below screenshot and click the link says “Token” to generate it

So, I think you already get the api key and token, Now need to find the id of the list you want to put cards, this part is bit tricky but not complex and interesting though. Go to your desired board, click any card for your desired list. The card url will be something like this https://trello.com/c/evfIvzSC/8-test-card , so copy your card url and join .json at end , means if your card url is https://trello.com/c/evfIvzSC/8-test-card then after adding .json at end it will be https://trello.com/c/evfIvzSC/8-test-card.json , hit in browser. Search the word “idList” , you will get it’s value. So we get the list(idList) id value as well. So you trello integration part is done.

Mailchimp Configuration

Here we need api key and list id key(not list id but secret key for list that is used for api)

How to get api key: Login to your mailchimp, go to account(top right corner). Click Extras -> Api keys. You will see list of api keys created before, use one of them or create one.

How to get list id key: Login to mailchimp, click list menu from the top menu bar, click any list created(create one if you don’t have). Click Setting -> List Name and Defaults. Check there is a key in right corner of that.