This documentation is for Instagram Photo display module for joomla. To download the module check here.

The module is distributed as a package installer as zip files which install the following

mod_instaphotodisplay – Insta Photo Display, main module

com_cbsocialappsoauth – Pre-requisite extension, Component

plg_cboauth2helper – Pre-requisite extension, Codeboxr OAuth2 Helper System Plugin

After install please note that, you need to manually enable/active the system plugin “Codeboxr OAuth2 Helper System Plugin”, to do this, go to plugin manager, filter by system plugin, search by “Codeboxr OAuth2 Helper System Plugin”, enable this. If you are doing this correctly then you will see something like this or below screenshot
Enable Codeboxr OAuth2 Helper System Plugin

Curl: Please note that, to make this module work you must have curl module installed or configured for php setting in your server, if you don’t understand what is curl then please contact with your server admin or your site’s technical manager.

Now, you are ready to configure the module.

Step2: Set instagram username

Put instagram username in “Basic Settings”. See screenshot here or below
instagram username for cbx intaphoto

Step2: Create instagram app and connect with instagram

This step is most complex but we wrote step by step tutorial which will make it easy. Check the “Instagram Connect” Tab in module setting you will find option to put Client ID and Client Secret which you need to collect from instagram developer portal.

Follow our step by step documentation about how to create instagram app
After you you create the instagram app in instagram developer portal, collect the api key(client id) and api secret(client secret) and put in the module setting, please note that, while copy paste client id and client secret sometimes extra char as space at end is copied, so don’t forget to check that.

Put client id and client secret, save the module once, you will see the “Sign in with Instagram“, click it, connect with instagram ignore if you see any warning from instagram while connecting.

Step3: Publish the module

If you followed the step 1 and step 2 properly then you are ready to publish the module, check other configuration for style etc… and publish the module in frontend.