In this article we will show step by step how to create dropbox app.

Step1: Dropbox Developer Portal

1. Go to Dropbox developer portal
2. Click Create App or click this url directly.

Step2: Creating app

1. Choose an API: Choose radio option – “Dropbox Api”

2. Choose the type of access you need: Choose radio option “Full Dropbox– Access to all files and folders in a user’s Dropbox.”

3. Name your app: Put a name of your app, it’s up to you, just don’t put word like “dropbox”

4. Choose the Dropbox account that will own your app: If you have multiple dropbox accounts then choose which one you want(Most cases people have personal, business or both).
Click “Create App”

Step3: Collect Api Key

1. After you create the app it will take to redirect to app details, or you can find your app from My App Menus. Go to that app and collect “App key”

Step4: Set Domain

This option is not visible at first time while creating app but after you create the app, go to your apps again. and Click the app you just created for edit. Put your domain in the field “Chooser/Saver domains”