Note: This tutorial is compatible for our different joomla extension which has instagram feature like
1. CBX Insta Photo Display for Joomla
2. My Social Timeline
3. Instagram Photo Display for WordPress

For the above two you get download file which is a package installer. So, after install you should get a system plugin installed called “Codeboxr OAuth2 Helper System Plugin(cboauth2helper)”, pls enable this manually if you use instagram. Now follow the below guide about how to create instagram app.

Keep in Mind

  1. The instagram user who will connect must
  2. Create the instagram app and his/her
  3. Instagram username must be used in extension setting
  4. Follow the below guideline strictly to make it work properly

Step1: You are almost there!

In this page using the word “clients” or “client” we mean ‘app’. Example: Client Id -> App key, Client Secret -> App Secret

Go to instagram developer portal

If you already have any client/app created previous then go here Manage Clients(apps) or create new client/app

Step2: Create the app

how to instagram app 1
how to instagram app 2
how to instagram app 3

If app is created suuccessfully then you will see the below screen.

how to instagram app 4

Common Mistakes:

  1. The redirect url should have forward slash(/) at end as per our extensions
  2. Do not use Instagram, IG, insta or gram in your app name.
  3. Fill the captcha code properly :P

Step3: Sandbox Mode (You will start to feel discomfort from this step :( )

how to instagram app 5

New Instruction: Please note you don’t need to go live , your app will work in sandbox mode and it’s the only way and you don’t need to submit request for any permission.