Sabuj Kundu 1st Sep 2016


Twitter is one of the popular social network and best tool for micro blogging, updating latest news, writing quick tips and share links. But just sharing link or writing text in 140 chars doesn’t help the engagement in that much.
Example see the below two tweets, 2nd tweet has more engagement than the first one because 2nd tweet has rich media like photos.

What is Twitter Card?

The ultimate and quick solution is rich media like video, photos, gif. Twitter has a solution, twitter has it’s own meta tags or open graph tags which is called Twitter Card. Twitter card meta can be implemented in same we we add google seo meta tag or facebook open graph tag. Twitter card has 4 card types – summary, summary with large image, app and player card.
Here is an example how twitter meta card or Twitter cards looks like

Why we should use twitter card(benefit) ?

  • Increases Tweet engagement
  • Drives Traffic
  • Expresses more information using photo, video which can not be done using 140 chars limit of Twitter

Using Twitter Card in WordPress

Twitter card
There are lots of twitter card plugin for wordpress but we recommend our in house developed plugin CBX Twitter Card which has all feature for Twitter Card.