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Quick Access Tool for Joomla Admin

productphoto Quick Component Listing for Admin Panel is another innovative Joomla module from Joomboxr. This one is a admin part module. Download and install this module in “cpanel” position for admin part. Here position cpanel is default for Joomla control panel right side module position for the default template “khepri”.

Download JED Listing Version 3.0.1 GPLv2 or later


The following screenshots will tell you every thing except the quick view, which will make a popup window using Joomla default modal to show any listing in short view from the core listing view.

All possible components

Extensions & Tools


Plugin Admin Setting

How to install:

Download the zip file name and install like any other modules. Now go to module manager and click the administrator tab. Find the module named Component listing and publish it in “cpanel” position. That’s it.


CBX Quick Component Listing for Joomla Admin V3.0.2 for J3.x


Check the module in Joomla Extension Directory

License: GPL2 (See the license)

Product Ref: 8216