Use Dropbox as #Wordpress Media Manager

productphoto CBX Dropbox File Chooser does what it’s name says. Just install the plugin,active, setup api key , go to post edit screen, click dropbox chooser button, insert file from dropbox into wordpress editor. Simple !

Download WP Dir Listing Version 1.0.0 GPLv2 or later


Awesome Features

  • The chooser button appears nears the media button of wordpress tinymce editor
  • Simple Setting to put api key
  • Native WordPress Coding standard
  • Save bandwidth using files from dropbox

Pro Awesome Features

  • Single click Audio File embed using wordpress audio shortcode(WordPress native audio shortcode)
  • Single click Video File embed using wordpress Video shortcode(WordPress native video shortcode)
  • Single Click Playlist embed of audio and video(Wodpress native audio/video playlist shortcode)
  • Single click Image Gallery Embed using custom shortcode
  • Pro Support


Free Version Download: Please download from wordpress plugin directory.

Pro Version Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why File link expires after 4 hours?(enable and share from public folder)
If you choose public file then it will not expire. If you choose private file then it should expire. Enable file sharing for all or make it public. However, as time changes dropbox changes too and now it doesn’t create the public folder to any new account at first hand but you can create one following this url

2. How to collect api key?

Go to Dropbox developer portal and create an app , choose app type drop-ins type and follow the steps, copy the App key.

3. How to set api key for CBXDropboxfilechooer plugin?

Free or pro whatever version you are using(you should not use both together as it’s meaning less), after activating the plugin you will see a new setting under left side menu “Setting -> CBX Dropbox File Chooser” , paste the api key you collected in previous question. Now you are setting to use the dropbox file chooser near your editor. If every thing is fine then you should see a dropbox chooser button like this below image.

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