Create Dynamic Sidebar, Inject Sidebar via shortcode & Custom function !

productphoto CBX Dynamic sidebar is a wordpress that helps to create custom sidebar using custom post type. You can configure the sidebar from the sidebar edit and insert into article using easy and configurable shortcode. For direct theme integration Custom function is also ready.

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Dynamic Sidebar Using Custom Post Type

  • Creating sidebar is like creating a post
  • Easy & Quick Configuration
  • Developer Friendly


Shortcode Powered Easy Integration

Easy to use shortcode, just find sidebar post id and put like below

[cbxdynamicsidebar id="post id here"]

Developer Friendly

Configure all possible option for sidebar from the post edit screen

  • Sidebar Name
  • Sidebar Description
  • Sidebar extra class
  • Before Widget Html Wrapper
  • After Widget Html Wrapper
  • Before Title Html Wrapper
  • After Title Html Wrapper

Custom Integration

Developer can integration in theme using custom ready made function.

Shortcode & function Param Definition

id – sidebar post id

wclass – sidebar will be wrapper in a div and it will have a class from the value of param ‘wclass’, default value is ‘cbxdynamicsidebar_wrapper’. also extra another class will be added using ‘cbxdynamicsidebar_wrapper’ with sidebar id at last

wid – sidebar will be wrapper in a div and it will have a class from the value of param ‘cbxdynamicsidebar_wrapper’, default value is ‘cbxdynamicsidebar_wrapper’ with sidebar id at last

float – default value ‘none’, other possible values ‘left’, ‘right’, float left and float right

For shortcode with all possible param –

[cbxdynamicsidebar id="post id here" float="left" wclass="cbxdynamicsidebar_wrapper" wid="cbxdynamicsidebar_wrapper" /]

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