Easy Ticket Selling using CBX Events

productphoto This is an addon plugin for Joomla event component CBX Events. This plugin converts CBX Events component into a commercial ticket selling system and sync with the subscribers/attendees/participants. Ticket addon adds flexible payment gateway system, ticket sell notifiction system and many more new features. If you want to sell ticket in joomla system then investing on this pro add with the free core CBX Event Component will be a wise decision, we promise. For any event just assign any ticket category, in event details all ticket from that category will render automatically with all enabled payment gateways.

Demo JED Listing Version 1.3.2 Download GPLv2 or later

Ticket Sell Stat

CBX Events Ticket


Key Feature

  • Ticket Category
  • Ticket Manager
  • Ticket Price
  • Payment Gateway support
  • Ticket Order Manager
  • Participants Sync with Order
  • Order Reports

Ticket Details Features

  • Ticket title
  • Ticket price
  • Ticket sell start date
  • Ticket sell end date
  • Ticket total available
  • Ticket minimum buy
  • Ticket maximum buy
  • Ticket Category
  • Order Reports

Ticket List Features

  • Common joomla publish/unpublish
  • Ticket sorting with col heading
  • Ticket Search
  • Ticket delete, archive etc

Ticket Order Tracking

  • Order Publish/Unpublish
  • Order ID
  • Order Event ID, Title
  • Buyer Name, Email
  • Order Amount
  • Order Status
  • Order Payment Gateway
  • Payment Gateway Status
  • Order Details
  • Order Date
  • Order Update Date
  • Order Stat/Chart Report(Sales Vs Ticket Count per month)


Payment Gateways

Buy & Download

CBX Events Ticket Addon V1.4.0(Doesn’t include any payment Gateway Addon, Download or buy them individually)
One site one year support

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Two sites one year support

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Five sites one year support

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Download Payment Gateway Plugins

CBX Events Paypal Payment Gateway

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CBX Events Bank Payment Gateway


CBX Events CASH on Delivery Payment Gateway


Demo JED Listing Version 1.3.2 GPLv2 or later

Support Policy

Support is very straight forward: You can use for any number of websites as you want, but one purchase = one year one domain support. Subdomain will be counted as another domain. In bold, we count, installation – One support purchase = One installation in any live or intra-net site.

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  • The main core CBX Events component should be installed
  • Install plg_cbxeventsticketsplg_Vx.x.x_j3.zip file as any joomla plugin , it’s type is “system”, so filter the plugins using this group. Enable the plugin
  • Install payment gateway plugins and start selling

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