Responsive & Flexible Countdown for #Wordpress

productphoto Different types of countdown styles are packed in
a single countdown plugin with all flexible option to customize from the plugin options panel.

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3 Countdown Styles

  • Light (Step Countdonwn).
  • Circular Countdown
  • KK(Text Based)

Flexible Options

  • Event Start Date
  • Event Start Hour
  • Event Start Minute
  • Count Number Color (On Responsive)


  • Classic Widget
  • Elementor Widget(New in v1.7.7)
  • Gutenberg Widget(New in v1.7.7)
  • Shortcode
  • Custom Function call

Light Countdown Specific Option

  • Text Color (On Responsive)
  • Event Start Minute

Responsive at the Best

  • Responsive from Desktop to Mobile
  • Special Widget position responsive optimize
  • Works in all device

Circular Countdown Specific Option

  • Background Color
  • Count Number And Text Color
  • Text Color (On Responsive)
  • Seconds Border Color
  • Minutes Border Color
  • Hours Border Color
  • Days Border Color

KK Countdown Specific Option

  • Countdown Font Size
  • Countdown Number Color
  • Countdown Text Color


Install & Usages

  • Install and activate like any other wordpress plugin.
  • Go to Setting from wordpress left menu, then “CBX Countdown Setting”
  • Check the settings, they are visually easy to understand

Using Shortcode

Shortcode: The most simplest shortcode is [cbfccountdown] which will use the other setting from the plugin

Any kind of data format Date format: mm/dd/yyyy

Details shortcode usaes are in below table

shorcode params/ function args default description
type light countdown style
date none up-to countdown date. format: mm/dd/yyyy
hour 0 up-to countdown hour. max-value: 23
minute 0 up-to countdown minutes. max-value: 59
Light Countdown specific params
l_numclr #333 light countdown number color note: old shortcode param name was numclr
l_resnumclr #333 light countdown number responsive color. note: old shortcode param name was resnumclr
l_numbgclr #eaeaea light countdown number background color. note: old shortcode param name was numbgclr
l_textclr #fff light countdown text color. note: old shortcode param name was textclr
l_restextclr #333 light countdown text responsive color. note: old shortcode param name was restextclr
l_textbgclr #f5832b light countdown text background color. note: old shortcode param name was textbgclr
Circular Countdown specific params
c_secbclr #7995D5 border color of seconds for circular countdown. Note: old param was secbclr
c_minbclr #acc742 border color of minutes for circular countdown. Note: old param was minbclr
c_hourbclr #ecefcb border color of hours for circular countdown. Note: old param was hourbclr
c_daybclr #ff9900 border color of days for circular countdown. Note: old param was daysbclr
c_bgclr #9c9c9c background color for circular countdown. Note: old param was bgclr
c_textclr #7995D5 count number and text color(circular). Note: old param was fontclr
c_restextclr #7995D5 count number and text color on responsive(circular). Note: old param was textclr
KK Countdown specific params
kk_fontsize 30 font size for kk countdown. Note: old shortcode param was kkfsize
kk_numclr #3767b9 countdown number color for kk countdown. Note: old shortcode param was
kk_textclr #666333 text color for kk countdown. Note: old shortcode param was kktextclr


  • Go to widget manager.
  • Drag the widget “Flexible Countdown” in any sidebar, save once and refresh the
  • Now configure the widget as need and check in frontend sidebar.
  • widgetconfig

Pro Version

We tried to inegrate the plugin with 6 most popular event plugin to show the event count for any event date

Supported Plugins:

New Features:

  • Optional Event plugin selection and event id selection from widget
  • If the pro addon plugin is active the shortcode will support two extra params(see below) as well as our direct function call will support same type param or argument extra. If the extra params plugin and id is used then it will override the provided date , hour, minute via shortcode or widget and will show from the relevent plugin as selected

[cbfccountdown type=”kk” plugin=”plugin slug here ” id=”xx” category=”xyz”][/cbfccountdown]
plugin = 3rd party event plugin, possible values are the-events-calendar, events-manager, the-events-calendar, my-calendar ,event-organiser, events-made-easy
id = event id from the selected plugin.
category = event category slug or id or name (different for different plugin, see below)

  • The Events Calendar – use category slug
  • Event Organiser – use category slug
  • Events Manager – use category slug
  • Events Made Easy- use category name
  • My Calendar – use category id

Note: If id is missing then automatically nearest future event will be shown, if category slug is used then nearest event from that category will be used, if id is present then category will be ignored and only that specific event will be shown. this is common for both widget and shortcode.

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