Have an Independent Like Button for Joomla Content

Standalone Like System is an excellent 3-in-one (Component, Plugin and Module) bundle extension that is very simple to implement and easy to use. This will allow you to place a custom Like or Vote button to receive vote, complements, like from both guest and logged in visitors. Saves you coding time without any tweaking of template and gives you freedom from third party social network.

Demo Download JED Listing Version 3.0

Awesome Features

  • A Standalone, fully Customizable Like System for Joomla
  • Bundle contains a Component to keep counts, Content Plug-in to render the Like button and a Module to show Most Liked Articles
  •  Comes with Preset Buttons with Option for Custom HTML or Image Button
  •  Full control to style-match with your Joomla site


  • Turn On/Off Detail Count
  • HTML Button View has 2 modes: Normal and Compact
  •  7 Color Schemes: Light Gray, Blue, Sky, Green, Red, Orange and Dark
  •  6 Type of Pre-built Image Buttons such as Smile, Thumb in Circle, Heart etc plus free to Use any Custom Image as Button.


  • Supports for Com_Content, K2, Virtuemart and GPSTools (j3.x only)
  •  Button Display for guest : No buttons or Button with log-in message
  •  Control for Who Can Give Like (Guest or only Logged in Users)


Video Demo

Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

1.  Install the zip package

2. Enable the content plugin “CBX Like”

trong>3. Publish the module “CBX Like Most Popular”

Play with the available options related to visibility, styling and filtering

Available Options

Basic Options

  •  Option to enable/disable for Com_Content, K2 and Virtuemart
  • Button Position [Before Text/After]
  •  Who can Give Like? [Everyone/Only Logged in Users]
  • Button Type [HTML/Image]
  • If Restricted, Guests will see [No Buttons/Button with Login Message]
  • Show Detail Count [No/Yes]

HTML Button Options

  • Button View [Normal/Compact]
  • HTML Button Color: Light Gray, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Dark
  • Custom Message Input for Before Liking
  • Custom Message Input for After Like

Image Button Options

  • Selectable Image Button: Custom, Thumb Square, Thumb Circle, Thumb with Hand, Heart Red, Heart Cyan, Simle
  • Input for Custom Image for Before Liking
  • Input for Custom Image after Liking
  • Custom Message Input for After Like
  • Input for Custom Image Width and Height


  • Menu Filter Settings
  • Com_Content Filtering
  • Com_K2 Filtering

Buy & Download

CBX Like V2.8 for Joomla 3.x (Component, module and content plugin package installer)

Single Site Support License:

$15.00Add to cart

Two Site Support License:

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Five Site Support License:

$35.00Add to cart

GPL2 License

Support Policy

Support is very straight forward: One year support for one domain. You can use for any number of websites as you want, but one purchase = one year one domain support.

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Language Packs

General knowledge: Joomla has two language folder for site part (fronend) and backend part(admin part). Backend languages folder located in Joomla root/administrator/language and frontend language folder located Joomla root/language . In practical Component may have language files for both fronend and backend. For modules, if site module then it’s language files are located in fronend and if admin module then in admin part. For any plugin language files are always located in admin part.

This extensions has A component, module and plugin. Here is the language file list

Plugin: Content – CBX Like (Content plugin)

  1. joomla root/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_content_cblikebutton.ini
  2. joomla root/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_content_cblikebutton.sys.ini

Component: CBX Like

Admin Language

  1. joomla root/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_cblike.ini
  2. joomla root/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_cblike.sys.ini

Site Language

  1. joomla root/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_cblike.ini
  2. joomla root/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_cblike.sys.ini

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