Display Linkedin Job updates Inside Your Joomla Site

productphoto A smart and intuitive module to show job Opportunities from Linkedin Jobs for any company. Simply give your company’s Linkedin ID, Select module
position and enjoy. Bring the power of Linkedin within your Joomla site with no hassle of modifying

Download JED Listing Version 2.0 GPLv2 or later

Awesome Features

  • List All Linkedin Jobs
  • List Your Company Jobs
  • Default Module parameters
  • Language selection option.

Custom Options

  • Custom Module Position
  • box and browser never hang to load
  • Avoid adding js in Nroaml JS mode


  • Flexible Setting
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Use


Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • Put Your Linkedin Company ID
  • Select Your Module position
  • Save and enjoy

Play with the available options related to styling and design


  • To get your company Name or ID
  • After login or from home page, go from Companies->Your Company
  • Or any company you follow
  • Click this
    here to see screenshot how to get the company name
  • Again if you are advance user and own the company profile in
    linkedin then Click the admin tools in company profile page and then mouse hover on delete, see the
    status bar for your exact company id.
  • Again you can go here, Type
    your company name , example “Codeboxr”, hit enter, click “Get Code”, See the value in data-id , For
    codeboxr it will show “2282648”

Available Options

Basic Configuration

  • Module Class Suffix
  • Choose a display mode
  • Company Name or ID
  • Add Linkedin JS Yes/No
  • JS Adding Method Sync/Async(Lazy loading)
  • Language Code

Module Assignment

  • On all pages
  • Only on the Pages Selected
  • On All Pages Except Selected
  • No Pages

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CBX Linkedin Jobs for company module for joomla J3.x Version 2.0

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JED Listing Version 2.0 GPLv2 or later

Support is very straight forward: One year support for one domain. You can use for any number of websites as you want, but one purchase = one year one domain support.

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