Displaying Office Hours is Now Easy

productphoto CBX Office Opening & Business Hours plugin for WordPress helps to display office opening hours or business hours. There is easy configuration at plugin setting page with exception days, in frontend it can be displayed using shortcode, widget etc. There is elementor widget support also.

Demo Download Get Free Version Version 1.0.4

Awesome Features

  • Seven week days start and end time
  • Day exceptions. Any special day start and end time, multiple exception day possible
  • Quick reset all days, single day reset
  • Quick copy single day value to all seven days for easy setup
  • Elementor widget
  • Gutenberg Block

Other Options

  • Compact display – yes/no (show same start and end days together)
  • Time format – 24 hours or 12 format
  • Day name format – Short day name or long day name
  • Opening days/day – seven days, today or custom day
  • Start of week configurable

Pro Feature

  • Comes as Pro Addon
  • Custom Store Manager (Listing, add/edit, delete)
  • Per store based week schedule, exception, setting etc
  • Custom Shortcode for pro addon for store [cbxbusinesshourspro store_id=”id” show_store_title=”1/0″]
  • Elementor widget Support
  • Gutenberg Block

Video Demo



Free/Core Plugin

[cbxbusinesshours compact="0" time_format="12" day_format="long" today="" ]

Param Name Default Value Possible Value Comment
compact 0 0 or 1 1 = compact, 0 = 7 days separate
time_format 24 24 or 12 24 hour or 12 hour time format
day_format long ‘long’ or ‘short’ Long day name format or short day name format
today ‘today’ or any specific future date in y-m-d format if today is empty then it shows 7 days, if value ‘today’ then shows today’s single day business hours, if any specific future valid date is used then same as today but for that date.
start_of_week 0 or as set in wordpress global setting as “Week Starts On” 0 – 6 any digit 0 = sunday, 1 = monday and …

Pro adddon: Store Specific Business Hours Shortcode

[cbxbusinesshourspro store_id="store id here" show_store_title="1/0"]
store_id = Need to be a valid store id, there is no other params, all information is get from store setting dynamic.

Free Download

Free download from wordpress plugin dir
Pro Download(Dynamic Store Manager and Per Store specific schedules)

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