Slack Meets WordPress!

productphoto This plugin is for all the crazy slack user who wants slack integration with wordpress. CBX WP Slack plugin for wordpress has custom hooks and filter which helps other developer to create quick integration for slack for their own plugin. We added supports for core wordpress events like post publish, delete, Woocommerce sales notification, EDD sales notificaiton + custom notification as you hook !

Download WP Dir Listing Documentation Version 1.2.3 GPLv2 or later

Plain Feature List for Incoming Webhook

  • Creating Unlimited number of slack posts.
  • Custom post type with multiple events configured for single channel.
  • Works for incoming webhook of slack
  • Each custom post has its own slack settings that will work individually and fire on selected wordpress core and custom(hooked by other plugins) events to send slack notification.
  • Test Environment for each post to send test notification.
  • Event Category, Categoriezed notification events
  • Any type of hook/events can be added by filtering ‘cbxwpslack_events’. Check here for details documentaiton
  • Hooks and filter for other plugin developer
  • It’s an engine for slack notification

Plain Feature List for Outgoing Webhook

  • Creating Unlimited number of slack out posts.
  • Post search event, post types selection
  • Hooks and filters to extend
  • Maximum number of items to show in search

Pro Addon Feature List

WooCommerce Integration

  • woocommerce – When an order is completed
  • woocommerce – When an order is cancelled
  • woocommerce – When an order is refunded
  • woocommerce – When Back Order is occurred
  • woocommerce – Low stock
  • woocommerce – Out of Stock
  • Dokan Plugin Vendor notification

EDD(Easy Digital Downloads) Integration

  • EDD – Purchase Complete
  • EDD – Payment Delete
  • Let us know if you have more idea for EDD and slack

Pro Addon Feature List for Outgoing Webhooks

  • Custom post types for slack out post types edit
  • Woocommerce price show/hide in search result
  • EDD – price show/hide in search result
  • Thumb show/hide in search result

More Integrations are coming soon in pro addon for other 3rd party popular plugins. Let us know via our contact page if you have any wish :)

Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Install the plugin inside your site

2. Create New Slack post, setup channel

3. Select events and use it in real environment.

Follow this for more details guide.

Buy & Download

Free download the core plugin from here

CBX CBX WPSlack Addon V1.2.1
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WP Dir Listing Version 1.2.3 GPLv2 or later

Support Policy

Support is very straight forward: One year support for one domain. You can
use for any number of websites as you want, but one purchase = one year one domain support.

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