Crazy Tab Slider Module

productphoto Crazy Tab Slider is a joomla module , developed for j3.1+. Generally joomla modules are display in various positions of enabled template. But you can display more than one module in a single position with tab menu. To make your website easier accessible “Crazy Tab Slider “ can give you that opportunity .It is a super Attractive way to show multiple modules in a single position.

Download Version 1.1 GPLv2 or later

Awesome Features

  • User can choose the menu as tab or slider(Collapse)
  • User can choose Module title as Tab title
  • A Tab can be specified on top ,bottom, left or right
  • Light Weight module that works with all Template.
  • Full control to style-match with your Joomla site.

Style Options

  • Option for Normal or Compact Button
  • Flexible, Responsive and Easy to Use
  • Control for Buttons
  • Support simple and group by month display style.
  • Styling Options to Design Match Your Site.

Module Backend Screenshot

Step-1, Global Configuration


1. You may use Module title as your tab title or a custom tab title
2. You may use Tab button or Collapsible Slider button

Step-2, Tab Specification


You may also use Right, Bottom or Left

Step-3, Get Module ID


Step-4, Create your 1st slide with the ID of Module “Latest News”


Step-4.1, Create your 1st slide with the Module Position


Its the another way of creating slide with “Module Position” instead “Module ID”

Step-5, Add a new slide


Module Frontend Screenshot

Latest News Module View


Random Image Module View


Free Download

CBX Crazy Tab Slider Module V1.1 for Joomla 3.x


Version 1.1 GPLv2 or later

Support Policy

Support will be given for one year for any purchase for one domain as well as the plugin can be used for one domain for one purchase.

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