A Powerful Fixed Floating Scroller for Your Joomla Site. Easy to Use

productphoto A light system type plugin for Joomla that will help you position sticky/fixed any html element (div, p etc ) while scrolling. It can spy on any element via class name or id. Without tweaking anything on the Joomla code, with this plugin you may improve your site’s User Experience Dramatically.This Joomla Spy plugin is developed using the great mootools script Scroll spy.

Download JED Listing Version 1.8 GPLv2 or later

Awesome Features

  • Show Fixed Float Scrolling
  • Spy plugin is developed using the great mootools script Scroll spy
  • Full Control to Style-Match with Your Joomla site
  • Works with Any Joomla Template

 Filtering Options

  • Item id filter(skip or allow)
  • Item id filter type (Allow or disallow selection)
  • Disable on Ajax Request

Advanced Option

  • Multiple id with comma
  • Multiple class name with comma
  • Enable/disable for class names


  • Basic Configuration
  • 1. Remove On Popup Yes/No
  • 2. Remove From RSS Yes/No
  • 3. Remove From Ajax Yes/No
  • 4. Skip Home page Yes/No
  • 5. Item ID Filter Exclude/Include
  • 6. Disable for Mobile devices
  • Spy Configuration
  • 1. Activate ID Spy Yes/No
  • 2. ID
  • 3. Activate Class Spy Yes/No
  • 4. Class

Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • 1. Install the plugin in Your Site
  • 2. Config Plugins
  • 3. Save and enjoy
  • Play with tons of other options related to styling, layouts and theme

Buy & Download

CBX Anything Scroll Spy Plugin for Joomla v1.7 for Joomla 3.x
Single Site Support License:

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Two Site Support License:

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Five Sites Support License:

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Version 1.8 GPLv2 or later

Support is very straight forward: One year support for one domain. You can use for any number of websites as you want, but one purchase = one year one domain support.

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