Woocommerce Dokan multi Store notification on the go !

productphoto pushover.net a popular service for push notification for desktop browser, iOS or android devices.
WooCommerce is most popular ecommerce plugin for wordpress, Dokan is another popular wordpress plugin that converts woocommerce into a multi vendor store. We thanks those three products and their services. We made “Pushover Notification for Dokan” plugin so that any seller or vendor can get the store notification on the go.

Download Version 1.0.8

Notification Types

  • New Order
  • Free Order
  • Back Order
  • No Stock
  • Low Stock

Seller/Vendor Friendly

  • Plugin setting is seller specific
  • Seller can enable/disable total notification
  • Seller can enable/disable any notification type
  • Ajax based “Test notification”

Device Supports

  • iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)
  • Pushover for Android
  • Pushover for Desktop (Chrome, Firefox, Safari/Mac OS X)


How to Install the plugin

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  • Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  • Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  • Select `codeboxrpushoverfordokan.zip` from your computer
  • Click ‘Install Now’
  • Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  • Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  • Download `codeboxrpushoverfordokan.zip`
  • Extract the `codeboxrpushoverfordokan` directory to your computer
  • Upload the `codeboxrpushoverfordokan` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  • Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
  • Download and upload the plugin in your wordpress plugins folder, make sure this pushovernotification plugin folder name is “codeboxrpushoverfordokan”
  • Activate the plugin, to use this plugin you need woocommerce and dokan plugin to be installed and activated before, otherwise plugin activation will not work
  • Now, need to create an app in pushover.net

How to setup Pushover(For Shop Admin)

  • Please register at pushover.net, verify account. Now need to create an app
  • Go here to create app, click “https://pushover.net/apps/build” or go
  • Now follow the screenshot and collect the app key or site key token
  • Copy/paste the site/app api key in Dokan Setting-> Pushover Setting Tab, Pushover Notification for Dokan, save setting. Admin configuration is done.

Seller/Vendor Config

  • Every seller has their own dashboard on frontend, the following instructions are relative to seller deshboard of dokan
  • Go to setting, but every seller need to have their own pushover account
  • Please register at pushover.net, verify account.
  • When user is logged in this url pushover.net, there will user key option at right side.(see image in screenshot secttion)
  • Seller needs to add the user key like the below screenshot in seller dashboard setting

Free Download

CBX Pushover Notification for Dokan Version 1.0.8

$0.00Free Download