Sabuj Kundu 9th Mar 2014

Today, 9th March 2014 is Race Day for Surrey Half Marathon 2014 Season to be held in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom. We have been developing the site for about last six months for this very occasion. So congratulations to the team of Surrey Half Marathon (SHM) for putting it up together.



Surrey Half Marathon Desktop Version

We have been hired by client to develop this site about 6 months ago. Our service included development of the site, optimizing for Mobile view (responsiveness) as well as Search Engine optimization.

Surrey Half Marathon optimized for Mobile and Tabs

Surrey Half Marathon optimized for Mobile and Tabs


For Search Engine Optimization we were given the following keywords:

  1. Marathon Run Surrey
  2. Marathon Guildford
  3. Half Marathon Surrey
  4. Half Marathon Woking
  5. Guildford Marathon
  6. Half Marathon UK
  7. Guildford 13.1 Miles
  8. Marathon 2014 Guildford
  9. Attend Half Marathon Event Guildford
  10. Attend Half Marathon Event Surrey


Ranking Analysis

Today we are quite happy how the site ranks in Search Engines for the desired keywords. The following table sums up the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Keywords Rankings
Google UK Yahoo UK Bing UK
1 Marathon Run Surrey 1 2 2
2 Surrey Marathon Guildford 1 2 3
3 Half Marathon Surrey 1 1 3
4 Half Marathon Woking 1 3 2
5 Guildford Marathon 1 5 5
6 Half Marathon UK 8 x x
7 Guildford 13.1 Miles 2 3 3
8 Marathon 2014 Guildford 2 1 1
9 Attend Half Marathon Event Guildford 1 2 2
10 Attend Half Marathon Event Surrey 2 1 1


We are pretty happy that in most of the target keywords we managed to bring our client’s site to #1.

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