We have some extension like Social Timeline for Joomla which needs social network authentication like Twitter Connect, Facebook Connect, Linkedin Connect. For such authentication we need to store the authentication data in database and as whole need to manage a system. So we developed this component and it’s free. Soon we will write details documentation so that other developers can use that. Any one can use that for oauth1.0 and oauth2.0 both. This extension actually helps to work with oauth data store (token store) and manages tokens for different users, different extensions.

Tutorials for Social App Creation

How to Create Facebook App
How to Create Twitter App
How to Create Google Plus API Key


Products Using Social Authentication Extension

My Social Timeline | Joomla Component

My Social Timeline An unique Joomla Component which show latest updates from all major social networks in Facebook like timeline fashion (and other layout and styles). Whichever is your social network of choice, now you can feature their updates as you like within your Joomla! A must have Component.

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