Sabuj Kundu 5th May 2013

6 Sec is the New 140

Ernest Hemingaway famously wrote a story which legend has it as his best work: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” As our attention span is decreasing day by day and we are exposed to more and more information every hour through the internet and other media, social media is reacting by providing avenues where content can be created and shared which is super brief.

First it was 140 characters on Twitter to say what you have to say. Tumbler came with the idea of micro blogs. And now 6 sec is the new limit thanks to Vine. Brevity seems to be the new king for Social Media.

Vine from Twitter allows users to create 6 second long looping videos, where users are not limited to make straight-up 6 second clips, but they can also create stop-motion and other effects by capturing and editing a strong of shorter video snippets. What instagram intend to do with image, Vine aim at video, that is to share life in shortest possible capture.
Twitter launched Vine in order to try and pick up a larger chunk of the video sharing marketplace.

Why Vine is Popular

Partly because people love video, partly because its well made and also that it has Twitter behind it. Lots of creative people using Vine for lovely stop motion animation and other creative usage.

So What is (or will be) the Social Impact of Vine

Vine has the potential to make sharing much easier and faster and what Youtube did in recent past in creating content sharing revolution, Vine may well do but in its own and unique style. Social Media Marketers and top Brands are already started using Vine. For example it has the potential to connect with consumers more personally than every before. Also people love videos, animation and at the same time they love things to be brief. People now a days even drag the progress bar of a 5 minute long Youtube Video because there are million more contents waiting and less time available for consumer. So Vine may tap into that psyche.

After downloading Vine my thoughts were in a flurry as to how this instant, shareable video content will impact how we engage with information. – Emma Nemtin, Marketing Lead and Communications Specialist

Along with the fact that our attention span is decreasing it is also true that there is a demand for channels through which people can express creativity and create quality content. Vine gives people the ability to create video content almost instantaneously which is contagious. And this where its Social Impact is coming from. Once a huge amount of people start to produce huge amount of Vine Content, this will open up opportunity to monetize it as well.

According to Yousef El-Dardiry, Creator of VineRoulette:

To me, besides the obligatory cat, dog and coffee videos, it’s really inspiring to see how creative people can get with 6-second videos.

Perhaps if Vine really takes off I could see brands using Vine-walls as a really creative way to connect with their audience. (credit)

While may are exciting about the possibility of Vine’s super rocketing success, there are skeptics who are reminding that Flickr also introduced 90 seconds video once upon a time, but it failed to capture any big success. I believe there is a difference here because Vine is focused to video where as for users Flickr had already solidified its place in photo sharing, and thus video sharing didn’t see much popularity. Smart phone factor is also something that will give Vine an edge.

Thanks to it’s “designed for mobile” status, Vine will probably recreate the success of instragm. Videos are short (6 sec), instantly consumable (animated GIF) and non-disruptive (sound isn’t a must).

Vine has a large distribution channel which is primarily Twitter. Since Vine is from Twitter, you may expect that Twitter will do whatever it takes to make Vine integration more and more sophisticated and as consumer demands gets diversified.

Vine has much lower barrier for users to use, thus it may turn out to be a big marketing channel.

Game marketers for example can give really short but sweet review of their latest game and thanks to Twitter before you can blink it may spread via millions of retweet. Same thing goes for creating viral content for news distributor or any brand that looks forward to viral campaign.


How to Best Use Vine

You have downloaded the Vine App on your phone and have no clue other than capturing your puppy or cheers from your birthday party what else can you share on Vine or how even you may use Vine for your brand/ company / business. Here are few good examples of how Vine can be best used.

Get People Excited About a New Product.
Nintendo of America showing off their new product

Engage Your Followers
A bookstore updating it’s new titles to it’s customers.

Give Inside Peek of Company
Like how we did for Codeboxr when we celebrated one of our teammate’s Birthday.

Highlight Your Brand Advocates.
For example: You can highlight a fan’s video made with the prdouct and it increase acceptability of your product among other potential customers.

Display Your Work for a Client.
OneNine Design has done in this video displaying the packaging they created for a client. It goes to show how even small businesses can take advantage of Vine.

Take People Inside Your Office.
Hubspot showing off their latest office space, kinda giving the message how much fun the employees have on their downtime.

Attract Customers to Your Booth in Exhibitions.

Educate and Amaze
San Francisco Zoo may get new visitors each time they exhibit amazing residents

Bring People to Store
Local business like Urban Outfitters uses their main Twitter Account to highlight events in their local stores.

Tell Your Bran’s Story
Gap does a great job summing up their brand

Promote a Contest
Cadbury UK tickled everyone’s sweet tooth by using Vine to show off their new confectionary creation and then invited fans to win a sample.

Give Fans what they want
Dick’s Sporting Goods took their audience inside the stadium to celebrate the Ravens’ Super Bowl appearance. Of course, this isn’t too broad since they are a sporting goods company, but use it as an example to think about things outside of your products and services to feature on Vine.

Some Best Practice and Tips on Vine:

Have a focus and think of a strategy if you want to use Vine for company, brand or business. Try to keep focus on 2 or 3 concepts at max. Dont make your video look jumpy or too blurry.

Make it such that users can easily follow.

Use a single continuous clip or motion capture so the viewer doesn’t have to try and take in several different camera angles in just six seconds.

Unless there’s a particuarly pressing need, Vines should be limited to around three of four different shots otherwise it can dilute the impact.

Make your content premium by giving some attention to quality of capture. Mount the phone on something so that the video doesn’t look too shaky.

Dont forget the sound. Sound can be detract from the experience if wrongly used.

Know your limitations on Vine. There is nothing private on Vine. You can’t upload a Vine from the camera roll to your public feed at a later time. Vines are also limited in their editing options. At this time, it is not possible to change the resolution, brightness or contrast of the Vine image. The image you shoot is what it is. Knowing exactly what you want to capture and the sequence you wish to capture it in is also important as there is no editing feature available.

(Credit: Brands that Use Vine: Five Good vs Five Bad Examples & 5 Best Practices for Brands Using Vine) Also read Do and Don’t of Vine for Marketing


Some Brands Using Vine Well

1. Urban Outfitters

2. Doritos

3. Next

4. General Electric

5. Bacardi


How to Embed Vine in Joomla?

Joomla vine embed
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