Sabuj Kundu 29th Jan 2017

Recently JED (Joomla Extension Directory) changed policy which needs some changes about how the download works for free extension. I know JED has lots of problem but I want to be positive, I think the team is working hard to make the platform more useful and easy. I am trying to give suggestion for a recent issue.

Automatic update notification and download system for 3rd party component

I am using joomla from 2008, Joomla added automatic update feature to it’s core is not that long. Joomla extension’s configuration is maintained via xml format , JED wants 3rd party extensions also implement the update notification system and automatic download for update. In this case, the extension developer needs to add that notification code in xml and new file automatic download via a url. Joomla core checks it’s own core as well as 3rd party extension’s update and if there is any update it shows in joomla admin panel. At this moment this is must required for free extension and more or less today or tomorrow for pro extension also. What I think is, the feature is good but the way the updates are asked are not healthy. JED can see example of other such platform, example wordpress plugin dir. They have repo system and plugin’s author can use them, update via svn, users’s get updated file via wordpress dir, not via the author’s site.

Suggestion: While we submit listing in JED, there is option to write version name, there is option to attach file. JED can easily use this feature to give update notification and for free extension to give automatic download JED can give the link of the attached file. Honestly, the stability of JED platform is more dependable than 3rd party extension developer site

3rd Party Download Site Policy

I was following a twitter thread

#Joomla JED unpublishes extensions now if they don’t agree with your download page’s design. Outstanding.

What I think is JED should act more friendly with extension developer, think the world of joomla where there is no 3rd party template and extension developer, who will use joomla ? Already because of non user friendly design of JED, bad support, waiting and waiting with ticket in support system Joomla extension developers are moving to other platform. I know joomla is open source, we don’t need money to use it, I know it’s voluntary works etc etc but the extension developer not doing voluntary works always. Every such open source system has connected business model or business industry which helps to grow each other. Example: WordPress plugin dir , all plugins are free as freemium. 3rd party author’s site can sell it’s premium version or premium support, while we come for same thing to JED, there are lots of rule, you can not place any premium advertise in your free product landing page or I have to submit another listing for the pro version ! and another product landing page for pro features. So, my suggestion, joomla can totally remove pro listing and go as freemium policy like wordpress, I am not asking to follow wordpress but as suggestion, for acceptable working example where every one is happy.