Social Share/Vote Button Content Plugin for Joomla

Harness the Power of Social Sharing

social-share-vote-button2 Social Share/Vote Button is a popular Joomla plugin that shows social share or vote button in articles / content. It contains all popular social networks or share/bookmark sites that supports button/badge for vote/share.

“Needed a simple to use plugin for social networking… set it and forget it. thanks!”
~ ★★★★★ Customer Review via Joomla Extension Directory

View Live Demo JED Approved Version 12.0 Joomla 2.5 & 3 compatible

Awesome Features

Easy to engage visitors with the Social Network of your choice

Visible across the site with filtering option

Easy to Integrate

Life-Time Free Upgrade with New Social Media Buttons

Style & Positioning

Float Flexibility: Left/Right

Customize Margin

Javascript based Color Chooser for Floating Background to Design Match

Custom Button Positioning: Before/After Article, Left/Right Aligned

Available Component

Supports upto 7 Top Components

Most Popular Components such as: Com_Content, Com_K2, Com_Zoo

Supports Ecommerce Components such as: Com_Virtuemart, Com_Jshopping, Com_Hikashop

Supports other Components such as Com_Djcatalog2, Com_Eventlist, Com_Quickfaq, Com_Flexicontent, Com_Lyftenbloggie, Com_Myblog, Com_Magent Component


Video Demo



Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Install the Plugin in Your Site

2. Customize Social Buttons

3. Save and enjoy

Available Options


Basic Configuration

Encode Link

Encode Title

Remove On Popup

Remove form RSS

Remove form Ajax

Skip Home Page

Item ID Filter

Skip Itemids


Supported Social Network

Facebook, for facebook share), Twiter, Topsy (Alternative for twitter share), Tweetmeme (Alternative for twitter share), Diggg, Delicious, Stumble, Google Buzz, Yahoo Buzz, Dzone, Facebook Like, Flattr, Reddit, linkedin.


Floation Configuration

Float For All Enable/Disable

Float Box Background Color

Float Border Color

Wrapper ID Name


Button Control

Control Each button’s visibility(Show/Hide)

Exclude for specific section

Exclude for specific category

Exclude for specific menu id

Show/Hide on front page

Sort button as weight

There are options to show before content, after content, left float, right float

Again, there are options to show/hide button for home page/front page, category view, section view or for any specific category whatever you need.


Supported Component

Content (com_content)


Flexi Content(Com_flexicontent)

Quickfaq (com_quickfaq)






Facebook Language list

English (US) – en_US

Spanish – es_LA

French (France) – fr_FR

Italian – it_IT

Polish – pl_PL

For More Information Visit Here.



Buy & Download

  Social Share/Vote Button Content Plugin v 9.1 for Joomla 1.5.x
Free Download Now

  Social Share/Vote Button Content Plugin v12.7 for Joomla 2.5.x

USD 25.00 / Download

  Social Share/Vote Button Content Plugin v12.78 for Joomla 3.x

USD 25.00 / Download

  Social Share/Vote Button Content Plugin v 12.7 for Joomla Bundle j15 j25 j30

USD 40.00 / Download

Joomla 1.5, 2.5 & 3 compatible GPL2 License

Download link will be e-mailed automatically to your paypal id after payment is done. You may download it for a maximum of 5 times from the link and may use is for unrestricted domains.

Change Log

V2.0 Date 04.03.2011
-Added share button
-Added Email Button
-Added option to show the facebook like inline with other buttons or separate

V1.9 Date 16.01.2011
-Added two types of hook for content(OnPrepareContent and OnBeforeDisplayContent, OnAfterDisplayContent)
-Fixed a php noticed error for eventlist
-Code refactored

V1.8 Date 02.12.2010
-Added locale support for facebook like
-Added linkedin share button

V1.7 Date 30.11.2010 [Keep backup of version1.6]
-Added support for components K2, Quickfaq, Eventlist, more is coming soon
-Fixed height problem in compact mode
-Fixed compact mode problem for Dzone

V1.6 Date 17.11.2010
-Added Flattr button
-Added Reddit btuton

V1.5 Date 09.10.2010
-Fixed tag missing bug for Google buzz.
-Fixed bug for other component like com_weblinks, com_contact etc

V1.4 Date 22.09.2010
-Added sorting by weights, low to high order
-Fixed position problem for stubbleupon
-Date 12.09.2010: Added height param for faceboo like

V1.3 Date: 09.09.2010
-Added width parameter for facebook like

V1.2 Date: 09.09.2010
-Added Official twitter button
-Added option to exclude section
-Added option to exclude itemid
-Fixed some bug and typing mistake
-09.09.2010: Fixed link issue for category or blog view that was causing wrong share count in blog/section view.
-03.09.2010: A critical bug is fixed “Fatal error: Class ‘JSite’ not found in…” while saving content from admin panel.


How to add Floating Toolbar


Yes Social share and vote button plugin now provides option to show the social button as floating toolbar. All options are too much flexible and you can set as you need.
Please note that floating toolbar is for advance users, good for Web developer and Designers to set up the things quickly but flexibility is always with you

Here are two easy steps:
1. Enable floating from every where in the plugin setting, Global Floating, Floating for Specific component and then enable floating for specific social buttons as need
2. Find any div tag id nearest of the article , here we mean the html div id that is the nearest of the middle article display section. In the floating section add the div id name as wrapper . The floating social share toolbar will be fixed floating left or right related to that wrapper div. Using firebug or view source it will be easy find the nearest wrapper div id. If you need help to find the wrapper div contact us , we will check your site and help.

Reviews & Testimonials

Social Share and Vote Button: Bravo!

Very good and useful plugin.

customername - Pergo, via   Joomla Extension Directory

Social Share and Vote Button: Nice Plugin

Good plugin, thank you for sharing. I didn’t gave top rating due to an issue with google buzz button, which I cannot use on my site because it “destroys” the style of the component placed next to it.

customername - Etnatracker , via   Joomla Extension Directory

Social Share and Vote Button: Great Tool

Great tool for me, but also very important is the support. Without extra charge, Sabuj helped me to tweak the tool for my needs. Response time within a day. Very nice to work with him.

customername - Timpeerlings, via   Joomla Extension Directory

Social Share and Vote Button: Great Support

Needed a simple to use plugin for social networking. First it wasn’t integrated with my blog. Sabuj made it work with no extra charge. Thanks!

customername - Eggstra, via   Joomla Extension Directory

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