Youtube like bookmark for WordPress

productphoto CBX Bookmark for WordPress is an innovative
wordpress plugin that helps to create public and private bookmark for logged in user, the bookmark system is
inspired from youtube’s playlist or bookmark system.

Demo WP Dir Listing Version 1.3.6 Download Documentation GPLv2 or later


Awesome Features

Key Features

  • Add Bookmark button like youtube under post, page etc
  • Bookmark categories are per user
  • Private or Public Category
  • Three possible widgets to show the bookmarks
  • Shortcode powered
  • Plugin setting
  • Post types support


  • My Bookmarked Posts
  • My Bookmark Categories
  • Most Bookmarked Items


  • User’s Bookmarks [cbxwpbookmark]
  • User’s bookmarked Category [cbxwpbookmark-mycat]
  • Mosts bookmarked items/posts [cbxwpbookmark-most]

What’s Extra in Pro Addon

  • Custom Post type supports
  • Special widget for Easy Digital downloads (Most Boomarked Downloads)
  • Special widget for Woocommerce (Most Boomarked Products)
  • Grid view shortcode [cbxwpbookmarkgrid]
  • Buddypress Integration to show bookmarks in user profile in grid

Free & Pro Download

Please donwload
from wordpress plugin directory.

CBX WP Bookmark Pro addon V 1.0.7

One site one year supportTwo sites one year supportFive sites one year support

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CBX Bookmark myCred Addon
V1.0.1 for WordPress

$12.00Add to cart

Demo WP Dir Listing Version 1.3.6 GPLv2 or later

Support Policy

Support is very straight forward: One year support for one domain. You can use
for any number of websites as you want, but one purchase = one year one domain support.

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Change Log


  • [Bug Fix] Is Bookmarked by user functionality added and fixed
  • [New] Better responsive bookmark popup for mobile windows
  • [New] Bookmark button shown for guest user and ask for login – a must have missing feature
  • [New] Global Setting for show bookmark count or not
  • [New] Show Category title in User’s Bookmark count for any category (


  • French Translation. Thanks to “Jean-marie Capes”
  • New helper method isBookmarked() added to class ‘CBXWPBookmarkHelper’ to check if any post is bookmarked once or not


  • [New] New formated Bookmark button class added with modified html structure for better style support
    from theme.


  • [New] SQL script updated for table creation


  • [New] New global setting for auto integration: Show in Archive -yes/no
  • [New] New global setting for auto integration: Show in Home -yes/no
  • [New] New method for bookmark count for any post, class ‘CBXWPBookmarkHelper’, static method
    ‘getTotalBookmark’, example $bookmark_total = CBXWPBookmarkHelper::getTotalBookmark($objectid);
  • [New] New Icons for bookmark and no bookmark
  • [New] Bookmark counts near bookmark icon
  • [Update] JS code changed for dynamic count update


  • [Bug Fix] Fix bookmark delete bug caused in last js code change


  • [Improvement] New hooks added for bookmark add, bookmark remove, category add, category edit,
    category deleted
  • [New] New pro addon released for mycred support compatibility from 1.2.9


  • [Bug Fix] While createing category privacy status was not set properly or all set default private.
    Now Fixed.
  • [Improvement] If no category created by user now popup bookmark panel shows message and guides to
    create one


  • [Improvement] On Category select or delete from bookmark panel/popup now shows action messages.
  • [Improvement] Bookmark panel/popup style fix for bootstrap theme


  • [Bug Fix]Bookmark Create window close issue for mobile devices[Added a close icon]
  • [New] Added new search icon in bookmark popup category search
  • [Improvement] From bookmark popup category creation error and success message
  • [Improvement] Bookmark popup style and performance improvement


  • Readme updated
  • Documentaiton update
  • Translation update
  • Grid view shortcode [cbxwpbookmarkgrid]


  • Minor Logic update in codebase


  • Rebranded as from
  • CSS style tweaked


  • Category selection bug for custom post type while loading on click + button


  • Fixed typo for &nbsp to


  • Category wigdet dropdown now work on click to redirect to proper page
  • Category permalink now works for non seo friendly mode


  • Removed shortcode [cbxwpbookmark-mycat-edit] and now use [cbxwpbookmark-mycat]
  • Removed shortcode [cbxwpbookmark-edit] and now use [cbxwpbookmark]
  • lots of minor improvement, privacy check etc

= 1.0.10
* Immediate bug fix after first release, all shortcode, widget are refreshed
* js improved


  • first release