Convert any Currency with Live Exchange Rate

productphoto Universal Currency Converter and Rate Display is capable to calculate and display current exchange rates via Widget and Shortcode. It has four display layouts. The source of Exchange Rates is Google Finance and shows you live exchange rate of the day. Supports almost all global currency (94 supported so far) and display up to 10 currency rates simultaneously.

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Awesome Features

  • Displays Currency Converter and Live Exchange Rate
  • Support for 94 currencies
  • Shows flag of countries for easy find
  • Display up to 10 Currencies at the same time
  • Set Default Currency and Amount for Calculator

Layouts & Functions

  • List, Calculator, List with Calculator on top, List with Calculator
    at bottom
  • AJAX based Calculator
  • Bidirectional Easy Conversation (Up Down Calculation)
  • 2 Secured Methods to Call Data (CURL and fopen)
  • Decimal point or how many digits to show

Pro Features

  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Wp-Ecommerce Integration
  • Custom Setting in widget
  • Custom currency rate option

Available Currencies

  • Albania Lek(ALL)
  • Afghanistan Afghani(AFN)
  • Argentina Peso(ARS)
  • Aruba Guilder(AWG)
  • Australia Dollar(AUD)
  • Azerbaijan New Manat(AZN)
  • Bahamas Dollar(BSD)
  • Barbados Dollar(BBD)
  • Bangladeshi Taka(BDT)
  • Belarus Ruble(BYR)
  • Belize Dollar(BZD)
  • Bermuda Dollar(BMD)
  • Bolivia Boliviano(BOB)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Marka(BAM)
  • Botswana Pula(BWP)
  • Bulgaria Lev(BGN)
  • Brazil Real(BRL)
  • Brunei Darussalam Dollar(BND)
  • Cambodia Riel(KHR)
  • Canada Dollar(CAD)
  • Cayman Islands Dollar(KYD)
  • Chile Peso(CLP)
  • China Yuan Renminbi(CNY)
  • Colombia Peso(COP)
  • Costa Rica Colon(CRC)
  • Croatia Kuna(HRK)
  • Cuba Peso(CUP)
  • Czech Republic Koruna(CZK)
  • Denmark Krone(DKK)
  • Dominican Republic Peso(DOP)
  • East Caribbean Dollar(XCD)
  • Egypt Pound(EGP)
  • El Salvador Colon(SVC)
  • Estonia Kroon(EEK)
  • Euro Member Countries(EUR)
  • Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Pound(FKP)
  • Fiji Dollar(FJD)
  • Ghana Cedis(GHC)
  • Gibraltar Pound(GIP)
  • Guatemala Quetzal(GTQ)
  • Guernsey Pound(GGP)
  • Guyana Dollar(GYD)
  • Honduras Lempira(HNL)
  • Hong Kong Dollar(HKD)
  • Hungary Forint(HUF)
  • Iceland Krona(ISK)
  • India Rupee(INR)
  • Indonesia Rupiah(IDR)
  • Iran Rial(IRR)
  • Isle of Man Pound(IMP)
  • Israel Shekel(ILS)
  • Jamaica Dollar(JMD)
  • Japan Yen(JPY)
  • Jersey Pound(JEP)
  • Kazakhstan Tenge(KZT)
  • Korea (North) Won(KPW)
  • Korea (South) Won(KRW)
  • Kyrgyzstan Som(KGS)
  • Laos Kip(LAK)
  • Latvia Lat(LVL)
  • Lebanon Pound(LBP)
  • Liberia Dollar(LRD)
  • Lithuania Litas(LTL)
  • Macedonia Denar(MKD)
  • Malaysia Ringgit(MYR)
  • Mauritius Rupee(MUR)
  • Mexico Peso(MXN)
  • Mongolia Tughrik(MNT)
  • Mozambique Metical(MZN)
  • Namibia Dollar(NAD)
  • Nepal Rupee(NPR)
  • Netherlands Antilles Guilder(ANG)
  • New Zealand Dollar(NZD)
  • Nicaragua Cordoba(NIO)
  • Nigeria Naira(NGN)
  • Norway Krone(NOK)
  • Oman Rial(OMR)
  • Pakistan Rupee(PKR)
  • Panama Balboa(PAB)
  • Paraguay Guarani(PYG)
  • Peru Nuevo Sol(PEN)
  • Papua New Guinean Kina(PGK)
  • Philippines Peso(PHP)
  • Poland Zloty(PLN)
  • Qatar Riyal(QAR)
  • Romania New Leu(RON)
  • Russia Ruble(RUB)
  • Saint Helena Pound(SHP)
  • Saudi Arabia Riyal(SAR)
  • Serbia Dinar(RSD)
  • Seychelles Rupee(SCR)
  • Singapore Dollar(SGD)
  • Solomon Islands Dollar(SBD)
  • Somalia Shilling(SOS)
  • South Africa Rand(ZAR)
  • Sri Lanka Rupee(LKR)
  • Sweden Krona(SEK)
  • Switzerland Franc(CHF)
  • Suriname Dollar(SRD)
  • Syria Pound(SYP)
  • Taiwan New Dollar(TWD)
  • Thailand Baht(THB)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Dollar(TTD)
  • Turkey Lira(TRY)
  • Turkey Lira(TRL)
  • Tuvalu Dollar(TVD)
  • Ukraine Hryvna(UAH)
  • United Kingdom Pound(GBP)
  • United States Dollar(USD)
  • Uruguay Peso(UYU)
  • Uzbekistan Som(UZS)
  • Venezuela Bolivar(VEF)
  • Viet Nam Dong(VND)
  • Yemen Rial(YER)
  • Zimbabwe Dollar(ZWD)




Shortcode parameterDefault valuePossible values

cal – to use as calculator

list – to show currency rates as list

calwithlistbottom – calculator with list at bottom

calwithlisttop – calculator with list at top

decimalpoint2Any numeric value as need, number of digits after decimal
calc_currenciesas set by user, fallback as set in global settingcurrency code as comma(no space after comma) separated, example USD,BDT , see all supported currency
calc_titleCurrency Calculatorstring, title used for Calculator type layout
calc_from_currencyas set by user, fallback as set in global settingExample: USD see all supported currency
calc_to_currencyas set by user, fallback as set in global settingExample: USD see all supported currency

Default to show in calculator, any numeric value
list_titleCurrency Calculatorstring, title used for Calculator type layout
list_from_currencyas set by user, fallback as set in global setting, example USDExample: USD see all supported currency
list_to_currencyif set by user, fallback as set in global setting, example: comma separated(no space after comma) BDT,AUDExample: USD see all supported currency

Default to show in calculator, any numeric value
hideup or down (used to show hide up or down button in calculator, don’t use any if no need)

Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

How to install the plugin and get it working.

1. Upload `cbcurrencyconverter` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. From ‘Setting’ menu see sub menu ‘Currency Convert’, save setting
4. Please collect finance api from If you are confused please watch the video below.
5. Check the settings, set as need, Save setting, you are done.

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Woocommerce Integration
Wp-Ecommerce Integration
Custom Setting in widget
Custom currency rate option
Bitcoin Currency Support

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Demo Version 2.7.1 GPLv2 or later

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