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Admin Footer Menu for Joomla


Admin Footer Menu for Joomla! is a simple Joomla system plugin that will bring your top admin menu at bottom fixed floating position. We noticed that sometimes people get confused to navigate the top menu for long page in joomla,DownloadDemoedit

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Admin Power Menu for Joomla!


Are your Joomla admin menus too messy? Like so many site administrators, do you having difficulty in navigating various components, plugins and their sub-categories because there are just too many extensions installed? We have an elegant solution just for that!DownloadDemoedit

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Admin Branding – Best Solution for Joomla Branding


Replace Default Joomla Icons/Logos with Your Own Brand in Seconds. No Tweaking of Template / Code Is Required An pioneer and very popular system plugin to replace all Joomla default icons both on front-end and back-end (admin area). Easy toDownloadedit

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