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Pinterest Showcase Plugin (shortcode based) for Joomla

Pinterest Shocase Plugin for Joomla

Display Pinterest Showcase Inside your Joomla Site. Easy & Attractive  A smart shortcode based Plugin for joomla site to show Pinterest Pins in showcase mode in your joomla site. It’s extensive feature also enables you to show pins from onlyDownloadDemoedit

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Crazy Video Embedding (Shortcode Based) for Joomla


A Smart Way to Display Videos inside Your Joomla site By Using Shortcode Everybody love video and who doesn’t want to embed videos on their site? To embed in a site hassle-free (without bothering too much about coding / programmingDownloadDemoedit

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Tweet Embedding using Shortcode in Joomla


Display Tweet Inside Your Joomla Site, Smart and Attractive Twitter has a nice option to embed a single tweet in web site using shortcode or adding direct html codes. We just made this very easy for Joomla! Users using ourDownloadDemoedit

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Crazy Tab Slider Content Plugin for Joomla


Show Tab as Easy as You can Imagine Using Simple Shortcode It comes with two built-in styles such as Tab Slide and Accordian (expand and collapses on click). You can place any content within the tabs, be it text, imageDownloadDemoedit

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