Instagram Photo Display Module: Excellent extension backed by even better support


This module worked EXACTLY as advertised, and was extremely simple to configure. I had a need to be able to display images based on hashtag. I contacted the developer, asking if this could be accomplished. In no time at all, I received an email that the feature had been added – and it works perfectly! This is a great extension, but the support makes ALL the difference. Awesome to find developers like this on the JED!!!

customername - momentis, via   Joomla Extension Directory

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Fixed Vertical Feedback button : Worked like a charm


Well worth the money to make such an attractive button! It would be nice to be able to customize text but otherwise love it and customer will be happy too.

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My Social Timeline: Fantastic and powerful package


Silly me made it hard by not following the pre-install instructions properly. After that – yes it does all that’s described. Plus the support is prompt (and helped me past my error).

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My Social Timeline: Great App comes with Great Support


Great App comes with Great Support … five stars for both

customername - dirkb, via   Joomla Extension Directory

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Instagram Photo Display Module for Joomla: Thank You


Great site. Ya bought component here and happy. Love the support. On any question is answered quickly. I recommend.

customername - akarrealestate, via   Joomla Extension Directory

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Universal Currency Converter: Currency Converter


I was trying to create custom extension to implement currency exchange API from converterhub site but i guess this Joomla extension works perfect. Thanks!

customername - Joshua A Hampton, via   Joomla Extension Directory

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Open Graph Protocol Solution: This is exactly what i needed!! Thank you

Even if your site does not do open graph, Facebook still let you upload an image to go along your post. Google+ does not. Hence i needed something that would enable g+ to pickup the image i wanted instead of the first one it finds. Most free plugging out there let you do that for regular article but I needed one for K2 articles. This great plugging does this. Thank you so much!

customername - tommigotphotography, via   Joomla Extension Directory

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Admin Branding: Fantastic Extension

Incredibility easy to install and use. Definitely a must have and a big time saver for personalising back-end branding. For just a couple bucks and a couple minutes to setup, it feels like a brand new admin area. Job well done and top points to the Codeboxr team on this plugin.

customername - rbrookesopm, via   Joomla Extension Directory

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Google Plus Reader: Social Feeds

Short and sweet = it works well and support is very helpful.

It also has many options to configure the module. My client wanted scrolling and at first I didn’t think it had it so was very happy to find out it did. You can set the module height in px so it’s very versatile for display options. The developer has a matching Facebook Feed that I got to go along side of this. Both match each other really sweeting the whole deal.
There are some style choices right in the module too.

customername - DaveOzric, via   Joomla Extension Directory

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