Best 5 Security Extensions for Joomla

Internet security is fast moving challenge for the owners of the website. Real website security means protection from the inside out as well as the outside in. And sadly, most of the attacks cost website owners substantial amount of time and money in getting the damage fixed. So, it becomes needful for website owners take… Read more »

Use Dropbox, Google Drive, Box cloud as Joomla Media Manager

Storing the media like images, audio, video in joomla images folder can make your site heavy and it’s time to think for alternative cloud storage. Why not use image from dropbox or google drive or even from drive. Most of their free packages gives at least 5GB space. At codeboxr we developed some editor… Read more »

JED3 – Joomla Extension Directory version 3 is coming

JED – Joomla Extension Directory is the catalog of joomla extension maintained by community. Both free or paid extensions are available there. JED team is releasing updated platform for JED which we call JED3. We Codeboxr team is happy to be listed as beta tester as extension developer. Project Status: Internal Testing Internal Beta… Read more »

My Social Timeline A Great Joomla Component

My Social Timeline is one of our best product. This is an unique Joomla Component which shows latest updates from all major social networks in Facebook like timeline fashion (and other layout and styles). Whichever is your social network of choice, now you can feature their updates as you like within your Joomla! This component… Read more »

A Currency Converter Module for Joomla that Give Results Immediately

We have improved our Currency Converter and Rate Display Module for Joomla. This smart, compact and useful extension helps you to convert 94 currencies with live exchange rate inside any module position. We use Google Finance data, so its reliable and up to dated. Whats very useful is that when you convert any currency it… Read more »

Moodle Development Tips & Tricks- Part1

How to get user object in Moodle global $USER, $COURSE; $userid = $USER->id; //dump user object print_r ($USER); Get enrolled users of a course by course id global $USER, $COURSE; $context = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_COURSE, $COURSE->id); $students = get_role_users(5, $context); //dump students object print_r ($students ); Ger enrolled courses of a user by user id global $USER,… Read more »

Our Experience with Customizing Moodle as VLE

For couple of months now are have been working on a customization project of Moodle an open-source PHP web application for producing modular internet-based courses. It is one of the most popular Virtual Learning Environment used by many leading educational institutes around the world. We were contacted this job from a UK based global consulting agency and they… Read more »

Pinterest Showcase / Slideshow Module for Joomla! Released

We have launched our latest product titled, “Pinterest Showcase” as a Joomla Module. We are very excited for this product because this is a pioneering product which will successfully showcase preselected number of pints from any profile or board. All you need to do is give the username of the Pinterest User, mention the Board… Read more »