Do You Read Change Log Before Updating a WordPress Plugin ?

I am sure most time we don’t read the change log of any WordPress plugin. If you don’t know what is change log then let me clear it at first. With any WordPress plugin downloaded from plugin dir has a file called readme.txt . An example, readme file of our plugin CBX Accounting of… Read more »

Show Custom Taxonomy as Post Listing Admin Columns

We can add new taxonomy to any new custom post types or built-in post types. Same time we can add new admin cols to any admin end post listing using hooks & filters. But sometimes we notice that we add new taxonomy but we can not show them as admin col. To be more specific… Read more »

Accounting Solution Inside WordPress

The structure of any business is that money comes in and that the money goes out. Accounting looks at this closely by recording transactions, analyzing transaction patterns and dealing with common day to day operations like payroll and taxes. A computerized environment is always good for any business environment today. If you don’t use new… Read more »

Why You Should Choose Codeboxr for WordPress Development

WordPress is free and open sources web publishing application, content-based management (CMS) and a great blogging platform. WordPress platform has become one of the most popular website building platform since 2003 in the industry and there are many big and feature-rich website built using this platform. WordPress can be used to create websites, blogs, e-commerce… Read more »

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Google Chrome is one of the the most-used browser, offering a set of Chrome DevTools with built-in web authoring and debugging tools. As a web developer, you may find yourself working in Google Chrome quite often as you work on your websites. Here I am going to share the most popular and helpful extensions for… Read more »

6 Ways You Can Grow Small Business Using Coupon

Becoming a startup/small business owner it is soo hard to grow business progress. You can not manage huge number loyal customers like Apple has.In the world of business, it is all about growth. Coach Lou Holtz famously said, “in this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.” In a… Read more »

What’s new in WordPress 4.9

The core team announced the beta version of the new WordPress v4.9 about two weeks ago. And Yesterday they released v4.9 beta 4. After using it for a while, I am excited to share the new features and my impressions about WordPress 4.9. It will give you a good idea about what all new features… Read more »

[Solution] Does Loco Translate Plugin Skip Any File to Translate ?

Loco Translate is an essential wordpress plugin for wordpress plugin and theme developer to generate translation template file and provide translation for any plugin and theme. Even, it’s used by regular wordpress user to translate any plugin for any language it’s not available. Once we found for a plugin that Loco translate is not providing… Read more »

Rating and Review System – What and Why

When you want to purchase any thing you will certainly try to understand what’s the feelings of other who used it or if there is any system where people can write their review about that product so that you can read the reviews from real customer and decide. Good thing is, now a days almost… Read more »

Popular Political Website Audit Report

Now a days the political parties are more concern about their digital presence and one of the main gateway for digital presence is via their website. It is seen that most political parties are improving their website to latest trend to connect more people. Based on some simple and common popular technical parameter we compared… Read more »

Fix: “Remote file is incorrect size” for WordPress Import Error

If you try the wordpress import plugin or import option from tools menu to import content/data xml file you may get error message like below in some server environment/scopes. Remote file is incorrect size So, what happens actually ? when you first time try to import wordpress ask to intall the importer plugin “wordpress-importer”, if… Read more »

W3 Total Cache fails to minify Woocommerce Stylesheets

I was trying configure W3 Total cache for woocommerce and found that it’s css are not include if I enable minify css. After passing hours found that woocommerce loads 3 css files file from it’s core where one of them is “woocommerce-smallscreen” as js enqueue id and it fails to load. Here is the code… Read more »