Step By step Facebook app create tutorial:

Step 1

Log in to Facebook and then visit the URL

Step 2

If this is the first time you creating Facebook Application, you will ask for to registration as developer when you click on the app tab, screenshots given bellow.



Click yes button and than click on next button and you will image like bellow

Step 3


give as you like. text message is fine. you will get the code with in 45 second. give the code and click the register button

Step 4

Go to and click on the Create New App button.

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Step 5

Give you application an “App Display Name” (the name displayed to users). App

Namespace is Optional. Select an App category. Then click the Continue button.




Step 6

On the next screen, enter the security phrase and then click Submit.

Step 7

You have almost done. You will get the app Id and App Secret.



Step 8

Select how your App integrates with Facebook. Give your Site Url and Click On save changes




Step 9

In the Settings fulfill all the field here.


Now click the add Platform button, you will see


now select the website button here and you will see new section


step 10

In the Status & Review section you must click yes button like this image


Step 11

Note: Recently facebook has released Facebook Api V2 which need to associated business manager account with any app to pull information from a profile. It means facebook now don’t allow directly to pull data from any profile from user name but that user need to connect with this facebook app and facebook provides app specific user information. Example: If I connect facebook from social timeline module then I can show my profile updates, not others, for page it’s not problem. So we added new option in our extension to add page username and profile username. Just keep empty one of those two fields to use one. While you put profile user name don’t write page username, and vice versa. For profile username put same user name who connects the facebook. see this image and how to associated business manager account for your fb app.
page and profile username
Click the “Setting” menu again and check the “Advanced” tab
App-Scoped User ID Sharing

Step 12

Click on the Dashboard tab and you will get App ID and App Secret from there.
Give the App Id and App Secret in the module/component settings

How to find Facebook profile, page, group and event id (if need)

To find facebook profile, page, group or event id please visit this url.


Feel free to contact with us for any Facebook app configuration issue with any of our extension.