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“Amar MP Social Voluntary Organization” (Habi-724/2017) registered under the VOLUNTARY SOCIAL WELFARE AGENCIES (REGISTRATION AND CONTROL) ORDINANCE, 1961, (ORDINANCE NO. XLVI OF 1961, SECTION 4(3)) on 14th Feb 2017 is a pioneering, non-profit making and non-partisan initiative created by a group of Bangladeshi online activists and spearheaded by Engr. Sushanta Das Gupta. Members of Parliament (MP) in Bangladesh have been slow to embrace the benefits of using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and other methods to communicate with their constituents. AmarMP.com is bridging the gap between parliamentary representatives and the citizens of Bangladesh by creating a platform for them to connect.

AmarMP.com has started a ground-breaking, social democratic movement by coordinating all the information about the members of parliament and all the different means for communication with them. The project will set up a clear and easy to follow mechanism for citizens to actively engage in the democratic processes and hold parliamentary representatives accountable.

As a social voluntary organisation Amar MP will support all citizens to recognise, understand and exercise all human rights enshrined in the constitution of the people’s republic of Bangladesh.

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