Responsive Google Map & OpenStreetMap for WordPress

CBX Map is a WordPress plugin that helps to display Google map and OpenStreetMap inside worpress. It’s easy to use using shortcode and map loads responsive. From the plugin’s seeing create map, find adress and configure easily with just mouse click.

Demo Download WP Dir Listing Version 1.1.0 Joomla Version

Key Features

  • Custom post type for map
  • Easy Shortcode
  • Elementor Page builder support
  • Works without custom post type using the same shortcode
  • Responsive with browser width and resize
  • Info window
  • Default global Setting
  • Meta field for custom post type
  • Easy copy shortcode with mouse click


Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • Install the plugin from
    wordpress plugin dir or from wordpress dashboard plugin manager, activate
  • Go to plugin setting from left menu to configure the google map api key.
  • Create Map, configure address, use shortcode to display

Shortcode Params

id = post id, can be empty

width = numeric value, ‘%’ accepted, no ‘px’, if only numeric value then px will be added automatically, if empty will be taken from post meta if available

height = nemeric value, no ‘px’, if empty value will be taken from post meta if available
zoom = default 8, if empty from post meta if available
lat = lattitude value, if empty from post meta , required(at least should be in post meta)
lng = longitude value, if empty from post meta , required(at least should be in post meta)
heading = used for info window title, if empty will be used from post tile if available
address = used for info window content, if empty will be taken from post meta if available
scrollwheel = 1 enable , 0 disable, default 1 or comes from default config
showinfo = 1 enable , 0 disable, default 1 or comes from default config
website = website url that is linked to Place name in popup info window, leave empty to ignore
mapicon = map icon url, leave empty to ignore

Pro Addon(Distance Search Map and Listing)

The main concept of this pro addon is enable some extra features as well as implement a new shortcode to display distance search form, display multiple map markers in one single map, display the list. Using the shortcode params display of map or list or both or the filter box can be configured.
Pro Addon Features:
//Extended Features

  • CBX Map Post Privacy – Private(defailt) or public. If set public from the setting then single map can be browse as single post. See
  • CBX Map Post Archive – Disable(Default) or Enabled. If enabled maps can be access as archive page like post or any other custom post type.
  • Show CBX Map Post in Search – Disable(Default) or Enabled. If enable map post will appear in search.
  • CBX Map Post types supports. Default map supports only title and map markers informations. But pro addon helps to enable more basic post type features like Thumbnails, Comments etc available for post (same for cbxgoogle map post type). It will help to configure this map plugin for more details or complex use.
  • Category for map – Disable(Default) or Enabled. If enabled then custom taxonomy as category (technically called “cbxgooglemapcat”) will be added to map post type(cbxgooglemap as technical name)

//Distance Search Features

  • Distance Search Shortcode – To get a clear concept of how the distance search works see
    the demo.
  • Distance Search Shortcode – Show Filter box
  • Distance Search Shortcode – Show Map
  • Distance Search Shortcode – Show regular list view

//Distance Shortcodes
The simplest form of shortcode is [cbxgooglemapprods]. More params can be added, see below:

Shortcode parameter Default value Possible values
display both //map, list, both
limit -1 -1 or any positive numeric value
search any text or string/keyword for searching the title, content, excerpt
filter_box 1 1(show) or 0(hide)
distance_unit km km(kilometers) or ml(miles)
default_distance 10 any positive numeric value
default_lat any latitude value , float number, if empty then it will not be distance search but regular listing with map or as configured, but not as distance search or sort by distance.
default_lng longitude – rest is same as latitude
default_zoom 15 0 -19 for openstreetmap, for google map same 0 – 19
category_filter 1 1(show) or 0(hide) . Depends on global configuration if category feature is enabled
default_cat 0 Any specific category id, if you use category feature create category and check their id, if want to skip then use 0 or don’t use the param

Pro addon Features Screenshots

Free & Download

CBX Google Map for WordPress. Free download from
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Demo WP Dir Listing Version 1.1.0 GPLv2 or later

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