Sabuj Kundu 17th Sep 2015

Knowledge base is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system. The initial use of the term was in connection with expert systems which were the first knowledge-based systems. It is a most important part of a site to provide necessary information for the clients. Because some of the clients are not able to understand about the plugin.

With the help of knowledge base section any user can easily able to use the plugin. The necessary information is given here for the user so that they can understand about the plugin. Moreover, if any client does not justify the best utilization about the plugin, the owner of the site will support them in different way. Now i`m introducing some of knowledge base plugins.

1. WP Knowledgebase:

[All time: 6,667 & Active installs: 1000+ ]

WP is a Simple and flexible knowledge base plugin for WordPress. It has created an attractive and professional knowledge base plugin for the user. It’s easy to use, easy to customize, and works with any theme. It is very helpful to the user. If any user faces problem with this plugin, he or she will have to inform the authority. On activation, the plugin will create a page called “Knowledgebase”. The plugin also copies that page template and related CSS into your active theme. You can directly edit those files to adjust the layout and design of the knowledge base.

Some features: Simple and easy to use, Fully responsive, Customise your catalogue presentation easily, Super fast search, A selection of sidebar widgets, Display comments on knowledgebase articles (on/off), Drag & Drop for custom ordering of articles and categories, Works across all major browsers and devices etc.


WordPress Custom Development

Wordpress Bespoke Development

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2. Ultimate FAQ:

[ All time: 7,150 & Active installs: 1000+ ]

Ultimate FAQ is a knowledge base plugin. A plugin that lets you create FAQs (frequently asked questions), organize them, publicize them, etc. Create, organize and publicize your Frequently Asked Questions in no time through your WordPress Admin Panel with this easy to use plugin. You have to inform your problem with this plugin.

Some features: Create FAQ categories, Create FAQ posts and assign to categories to them, An AJAX search form, Export all FAQs to a PDF to create a user manual, Insert custom CSS to style your FAQ posts, Select animation options for displaying FAQ posts, Toggle accordion (close open FAQ when a new one is opened) behaviour on/off, Share on social media and more.


3. Knowledge Base CPT:

[ All Time: 1,304 & Active Installs: 200+ ]

This is another knowledge base plugin. It Enables a knowledge base post type and section taxonomy. This plugin adds a Knowledge Base tab to your admin menu, which allows you to add articles just as you would regular posts. This allows you to keep your articles even if you change them. The Apollo Theme was built purposely to work with this plugin. If you find any issue you, just inform the authority about your problem.

Some features: Raise an Issue on GitHub, Send a Pull Request with your bug fixes and/or new features, Translate the Knowledge Base CPT plugin into different languages, Provide feedback and suggestions on enhancements and more.


Joomla Custom Development

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4. KnB Lite:

[ All Time: 1,359 & Active Installs: 200+ ]

KnB Lite – WordPress Knowledge Base / FAQ Plugin gives you control on your knowledge base items. You can easily assign categories and display it on up to Four(4) Columns in any part of your website. It can Easily create shortcode using the plugin’s powerful shortcode generator with options to display per category, orderby title or date, controls visibility and assign layout options.

Some features: Fully responsive, Easy to use, Browsers compatible, Post format icon support, Custom post type and category slug options, Display up to 4 columns, Customize the display to match your current theme, Powerful and easy settings options etc.


5. Wiki:

[ All Time: 71,395 & Active Installs: 5,000+ ]

The first and most popular is Wiki plugin. Personally having used this plugin much more extensively than the others. With this plugin you can quickly and easily create a Wikipedia style entry for any topic/subject you want. Once installed it lives within its own primary sidebar menu in the WP Admin called Wikis. Basically, each Wiki entry is a custom post type–but without any tags or categories, which can be a bummer at times. Nevertheless, you’re still able to accomplish a basic but functional wiki entry with each new post.

Some features: Allow anyone to edit Wikis from front end, Allow anyone from the network to edit wikis, Allow site user to edit wikis, Support multilanguage, Protect individual uploads, Distinct sections of a post content and more.


What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!