What is Joomla’s CMS Development Strategy?

Sabuj Kundu 27th Feb 2012

Joomla Magazine recently shared their CMS Development Strategy. Since the release of Joomla 1.6, back in January 2011, Joomla started to use a new development strategy.  The development strategy is explained in a long article on http://developer.joomla.org/strategy.html, not always understandable for the international Joomla Community. The actual development status including release and End of Life… Read more »

Favorite in the Web this Week

Sabuj Kundu 26th Feb 2012

In “Favorite in the Web this Week” section we will continue to update our favorite resources, mostly from Developer, Content, Tools, SEO, Web 2.0 and Web Marketing perspective. Hope to see you again! Last Week of February 2012 1. UX Booth has published this list of 43 Essential Controls for Web Applications. 2. 8 Qualities… Read more »

Hello World!

Sabuj Kundu 26th Feb 2012

Welcome to Codeboxr blog! For those who are wondering what is Codeboxr, we’re a Startup Company, which means we’re newly created (preparing since November 2011 and officially launched in January 2012), and are presently in a phase of development and research for markets. Our full name “Codeboxr Web Services” will perhaps give you a hint… Read more »