What’s New in Social Timeline V6.9 for Joomla

Today we released My Social Timeline for Joomla v6.9. Social timeline extension for Joomla helps to grab social network updates and display in different layouts like single col timeline, multi col or grid based timeline, tab based etc. Check more details at product details page. We are happy that from 2011 we are still maintaining… Read more »

Accounting Solution Inside WordPress

The structure of any business is that money comes in and that the money goes out. Accounting looks at this closely by recording transactions, analyzing transaction patterns and dealing with common day to day operations like payroll and taxes. A computerized environment is always good for any business environment today. If you don’t use new… Read more »

Technology Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

No one can predict how the future will shake out in terms of upcoming tech trends, but we can make some educated guesses. From reading some blog; expert comments I think these will dominate the future tech world. As the underpinnings of information technology shift, it’s never been more important to look ahead and anticipate… Read more »

10 New Design Trend for 2018 that started in 2017

In the era of digital art, graphic design trends can evaporate as quickly as they emerged.It is the most creative area of digital design. Graphic design trends can evaporate as quickly as they appear. What you think is modern in the past few years may look completely outdated by 2018. While some trends have stood… Read more »

Codeboxr’s 2017 Year In Review and Happy New Year 2018

In many ways, 2017 has been an exciting year for Codeboxr. We worked on some exciting New Client Projects, Released few WordPress Plugins, New Joomla Extensions, New Themes. We have some new guys in our team and we participated in local Tech Events. We meet lots of new customers and clients. My heartiest thanks to… Read more »

Merry Christmas 2017 40% Gift Coupon for Total Cart Price

Codeboxr is happy to announce 40% discount on total cart price from 24.12.2017 to 05.01.2018 to enjoy the Merry Christmas 2017 with all of our customers. Use coupon code: 40%santagift2017 Coupon applicable for any of our products. Please note that, any product that is sold via 3rd party sites are not included. May the spirit… Read more »

Why You Should Choose Codeboxr for WordPress Development

WordPress is free and open sources web publishing application, content-based management (CMS) and a great blogging platform. WordPress platform has become one of the most popular website building platform since 2003 in the industry and there are many big and feature-rich website built using this platform. WordPress can be used to create websites, blogs, e-commerce… Read more »

Some Useful Android Apps For Designers

If you are a designer or frontend developer, you are one of the most creative one in the world . Sometimes you should definitely use your smartphone to edit, sketch or to design moreover for brainstorming. Here, I am trying to give you a list of some awesome android applications for designers that you will… Read more »

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Content Writers

If you are using Google chrome browser in your daily life then here we have some suggestion about using few specific extension to boost your productivity. In my recent posts about Must Have Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers & Must Have Google Chrome Extensions for Designers. you may understand how extensions are helping people… Read more »

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

In previous blog post, I shared some Must Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers. And today i am going to share some awesome Chrome Extensions for Designers. Inspect Designs: Page Ruler: Page Ruler lets your draw out a ruler to any page and displays the width, height and position of it. Dimensions: Dimensions measures the… Read more »

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Google Chrome is one of the the most-used browser, offering a set of Chrome DevTools with built-in web authoring and debugging tools. As a web developer, you may find yourself working in Google Chrome quite often as you work on your websites. Here I am going to share the most popular and helpful extensions for… Read more »

Solving Social Problems Using Online Petition

In this era of Information & Communication Technology gathering public opinion at online is easier than doing it offline.Internet makes it easier to do your petition without having to go door to door.Though online petition is followed up by offline action. In this mean time if you follow some online petitions you may notice that… Read more »